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Revive The Breeze With Yeobuild Fan Repair Services In Singapore

Yeobuild’s fan repair services in Singapore ensure optimal performance for your cooling appliances. Our skilled technicians specialise in diagnosing and fixing various fan models, from ceiling fans to pedestal fans and exhaust fans. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we deliver prompt and effective solutions to ensure your comfort in Singapore’s tropical climate.

Common Fan Issues Yeobuild Can Repair

If your fan is wobbling, it may be due to loose screws, bolts, or imbalanced blades in the mounting. 

Schedule an appointment and Yeobuild’s skilled technicians can assess and address these issues promptly. We will ensure a secure and well-balanced fan for stable and smooth operation.

An excessively noisy fan can disrupt your peace and comfort. 

Yeobuild handymen specialises in diagnosing and repairing noisy fans, addressing issues such as loose components, imbalances, or worn-out parts to restore a quiet and enjoyable fan experience.

A fan not reaching its intended speed may indicate problems with the capacitor, motor, or a faulty speed control switch. 

Yeobuild’s technicians have the expertise to troubleshoot and rectify these issues, ensuring your fan operates at the desired velocity for optimal air circulation.

Flickering lights on a ceiling fan can be frustrating. 

Yeobuild electricians can address any issues causing the flickering, whether it’s related to wiring, a faulty switch, or problems with the light kit. Our technicians ensure your ceiling fan lights shine consistently. 

If your ceiling fan refuses to turn on, potential culprits may include a faulty switch, capacitor issues, motor problems, or electrical connectivity issues. 

Call us – Yeobuild’s experts identify and address these concerns, providing efficient repairs to get your fan up and running smoothly.

Types of Fan Yeobuild Can Repair

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are mounted on the ceiling and provide effective air circulation in a room. They typically have multiple blades and are suspended to cool the entire space efficiently.

Table Fan

Compact and portable, table fans are designed to sit on surfaces such as tables or desks. They offer localised cooling, making them ideal for personal use in offices, bedrooms, or smaller spaces.

Tower Fan

Tower fans are vertical and slim, resembling a tower. They oscillate to distribute air evenly and often come with multiple speed settings, making them suitable for cooling larger rooms.

Pedestal Fan

Similar to table fans, pedestal fans are elevated on an adjustable stand. They provide broader coverage and are suitable for cooling larger areas or circulating air at a higher level.

Exhaust Fan

Installed in walls or windows, exhaust fans remove stale air, odours, and moisture from enclosed spaces. They are commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas requiring ventilation. 

Wall Mounted Fan

Wall-mounted fans are affixed to a wall and provide air circulation in a specific direction. They are suitable for areas with limited floor space and can be adjusted to cover various angles.

Misting Fan

Floor fans are versatile and can be placed on the floor to provide cooling across a room. They come in various sizes and are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Floor Fan

Floor fans are versatile and can be placed on the floor to provide cooling across a room. They come in various sizes and are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Industrial Fan

Designed for heavy-duty cooling in large industrial spaces, these fans are powerful and durable. They help maintain comfortable working conditions and ensure proper air circulation in industrial settings.

Types of Fan Accessories We Can Repair

Light Switch

Light Switch

The light switch on a fan controls the illumination of the integrated light kit. If you’re experiencing issues with flickering lights, inconsistent illumination, or complete malfunctions, our repair services can diagnose and fix problems related to the fan’s light switch, ensuring reliable and seamless operation.

Speed Switch

The speed switch regulates the rotation speed of the fan blades, playing a crucial role in adjusting airflow. If you encounter issues such as the fan operating at a single speed, not reaching the desired speeds, or irregular speed variations, our expert technicians can identify and repair problems with the speed switch for optimal fan performance.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Remote controls enhance the convenience of fan operation, allowing users to adjust settings from a distance. If your fan’s remote control is not functioning correctly, experiencing signal problems, or not communicating with the fan, our repair services address these issues, restoring the functionality of your fan’s remote control for seamless and hassle-free use.

Prices for Fan Repair Services in Singapore

Prices for fan repair services in Singapore can vary depending on the type and brand of your fan, as well as the specific issue. Here is a general breakdown of our fan repair prices: 


Call-Out Charges


Minute repair


Months service warranty

How To Engage Yeobuild Fan Repair Services



Book Your Appointment

Schedule your appointment conveniently through our online booking system. Our customer service team will promptly verify and confirm your booking within the next business day.

If you require urgent same-day services, please call our hotline.



Perform repair services and make payment

During your scheduled appointment, our technician will efficiently assess the task at hand. 

Following the inspection, you will receive an electronic service report, and you can make payment through cash, check, bank transfer, or PayNow.



Provide Feedback

Following the completion of the repair works, our customer service team will contact you to gather your feedback. 

You may reach out to us for any post-service inquiries. We provide a 3-month service warranty for all repair services carried out by our team.

Why Choose Yeobuild?

Experienced Team of Professionals

In-house Fan Repair Experts

Yeobuild’s technicians are experienced in various appliance repairs, including ceiling fans, pedestal fans, exhaust fans, and more. 

This versatility ensures that, regardless of the fan type, our experts can provide the right advice and thereafter, the necessary repair services.

High Quality Service

Prompt Service

Recognising the importance of a well-functioning fan, especially in Singapore’s tropical climate, Yeobuild emphasises prompt service.


Our goal is to efficiently complete every appliance repair at your home, minimising downtime and enabling you to focus on what matters most in your schedule.

Competitive Pricing

Transparent pricing

Yeobuild is known for its transparent pricing structure where customers can expect clear communication about the costs involved.

This includes any diagnostic fees, labour charges, or expenses related to parts replacement. Our transparent business model is what builds trust with customers.

Our Certifications

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Customer Testimonials

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Your technician, Zhuang, is a very good man. We are very happy with his service and attitude. Make sure you don’t lose him.
Making appointment was smooth. Louis was great! He is very knowledgeable of the appliance as well as other similar models. He provided possible alternatives for the issue and in the end came up with the most efficient and cost effective solution. Will definitely use Yeobuild HomeRepair again if I have home appliance/repair needs.
Rokiah Pillay
Rokiah Pillay
Very friendly and professional service. Gave very practical solution/suggestion. I highly recommend them.
Shivani Shrivastava
Shivani Shrivastava
Absolutely happy with the services provided.
Lee Rose
Lee Rose
Well done Service n repair Louis Liew do a good job keep it up
nicholas tan
nicholas tan
Professional services and repairs were completed ahead of time
Rossellini Yap
Rossellini Yap
Thought my fridge was dead but yeobuild managed to send someone over in the same day and solved the issue! Thankfully most of the food did not good to waste. Efficient and excellent service.
andrea chew
andrea chew
Very happy with their service. Read through the recent unhappy reviews not sure why though. Had a very good experience with Yeobuild. Service team is very experience and efficient. Managed to get my dryer up and running on the first visit.

FAQs about Fan Repair Services in Singapore

The average lifespan of a fan can vary based on usage, quality, and maintenance. Generally, well-maintained fans can last anywhere from 8 to 15 years. Regular cleaning, proper usage, and timely repairs can contribute to extending the life of your fan.

Yes, it is often worth repairing a fan, especially if the issue is fixable and the cost of repair is significantly lower than purchasing a new one. Our expert technicians assess the extent of the problem and provide cost-effective solutions, ensuring you get the most value out of your appliance.

Schedule your appointment with us today! 

Yes, ceiling fans can often be repaired. Common issues include motor problems, faulty switches, or blade imbalances. 

Our skilled technicians specialise in diagnosing and addressing a variety of ceiling fan issues, offering efficient repair services to extend the life of your ceiling fan. Call us now

While some homeowners may choose to replace a ceiling fan themselves, it’s advisable to hire a professional, especially if there are electrical components involved. Yeobuild’s technicians are experienced in ceiling fan installations and replacements, ensuring a safe and effective transition. 

Call our technicians today.