Deciding whether we will be doing our home projects “do-it-yourself” DIY  or hiring a contractor is actually very hard to decide on. Well, however, DIY projects could lead us to many different good things. These good things include saving up some cash and discovering new skills. As a homeowner, just always remember that DIY projects should not be taken for granted. As sometimes it may lead to bigger mishaps and other unfortunate events. When doing some DIY projects, expertise is needed, and of course the right tools!

Whether it is a minor repair, a little home renovation, installation or any other minor touch-ups in a home project, essential tools are always needed. Check out our post and continue reading as we will help you out in picking up the essential tools you need inside your houses!

Grab your pen and paper and let’s discuss each of the tools you need, and how it could help you save some money in doing some DIY Projects!

1. Hammer

The mighty hammer. Most people say that the nail is no use without hammers! True enough! But hammers are not just made to push nails into surfaces. Hammer is a type of multipurpose tool. It can help you out in little demolitions, or any type of job that requires a good smash.  It can also be used in breaking up plaster walls and even flattening some surfaces or other malleable materials.

What to get:  A wooden or fiberglass handled hammer with a 16-ounce heaviness will be a great choice. A smooth head is also essential. You must also choose a hammer with a curved claw.

How it helps to save you some money:  A good hammer gives you the freedom and the opportunity to buy unassembled cheap furniture. Assembled pieces usually have prices 30%-40% higher than the unassembled ones. If you have a hammer, you may also do DIY fixes like hanging a frame or little demolition.


2. Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable home wrench is also one of the essential home tools you should keep. Next to nails and screwdrivers, most of our home pieces are assembled using nuts and bolts. You can find nuts and bolts on medium to large pieces of home fixtures such as cabinets, drawers and many others. The next common place where you can find nuts and bolts is in the bathroom or anywhere there is plumbing. It is commonly used for loosening and tightening bolt pieces found on various home fixtures.

What to get: Experts suggest to get at least 2 pieces of adjustable wrenches.  One is a 6-inch wrench than can get into tight spaces. The other one should be a longer 10-inch wrench that gives more leverage for loosening and tightening bolts.

How it helps to save you some money: Adjustable wrenches van save you a ton of money as it can do a variety of expensive jobs.  You don’t need to call an experienced plumber to do some minor fixes such as loose water leaks. Apart from that, it is also very useful in some other mechanical pieces such as drawers, bicycles and even kid’s toys!


3. Pliers

Our fingers and hands are made for various jobs. Yet, sometimes our physical power can’t just turn uptight valves and switches. That’s why having a plier at home is helpful! The teeth on the pliers give a great grip. The long handles give the user good leverage and power when turning up switches. Apart from that, this home tool can also help you out in other tasks such as pulling out a nail, straightening bent power plugs and wire pinching when splicing them.

What to get: Out in the market, there are so many types of pliers being sold. The best one to pick among this handy home tool is the locking pliers. They are commonly known for brand vise-grips. It has an interlocking jaw that you can resize for the best fit.

How it helps to save you some money: Just like other mentioned tools, pliers can do a wide variety of jobs.  It can work on the most tedious jobs of either a hefty and sturdy pipe or a swift cable that needs splicing. This could spare you up to SGD 50.00 for little pipe tightening jobs or wire splicing!


4. Tape Measure

Next in line for our essential home tools include the tape measure. The tape measure has only one specific yet very essential job – to measure.  In all things being done in the house, measuring is very vital. You check pipe sizes, space measurements,  and even checking if a new frame installment is balanced. With all of these being said, you should not have any second thoughts of having a tape measure. There might be some digital measuring applications available, the conventional tape measure is still the most accurate.

What to get:  At home, a metal retracting tape measure of at least 12 feet in length could be the best one to get.  With its compactness, it could still measure vertical and horizontal spaces and measurements that you will be needing.  If you have a bigger home, and a bigger budget, extend your purchase to a longer version. Next to the 12-foot option is the 25-foot retractable tape measure. For sure this length will cover up a big measuring area in the house DIY project that you will be doing.

How it helps to save: With a tape measure included in your home tools, you will be able to save a lot of time and money!  Instead of buying wrong-sized things, you will be able to purchase an item with its most perfect fit. This way, you don’t have to skimp on buying and exchanging wrong items.


5. Screwdrivers

Last on our top 5 essential home tools you need at home is a screwdriver. Believe it or not, there are more than 40 items in your home which are in need of screwdrivers. Most of these items are attached with screws. Screws hold together covers of electric outlets, cabinet doors, fan grills, and even doorknobs. All your appliances at home are built with screws as well.  So if you wish to open one of these appliances a screwdriver is a great help in making your home DIY project a success.

What to get: Generally, there are two types of screwdrivers. One is the flathead and the Philips screwdriver which has a cross at the tip. Both of these are essentials. You have to purchase both of these items. But right now, there are some manufacturers which offer a 2-in-1 option. You’ll get to have both the Philips and the flathead screwdriver under one. All you have to do is to remove the shaft and flip on which end you will be needing.

How it helps to save you some money: Just like a hammer, a screwdriver can do a lot of assembling and disassembling jobs. You can also do some tiny outlet repair and replacement job if you have a screwdriver handy on your home’s toolbox. Believe it or not,  a simple socket cover replacement job can cost up to SGD 20.00. But make sure that big electrical repairs need a professional technician!


For sure these are all available on the nearest hardware stores or even online hardware stores near you. Keeping up with your home needs is just like taking care of the body. There are some essential tools which it needs to function properly.