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As a business owner, it is one of your main responsibilities to find some energy-saving tips for cafes and restaurants! One of the highest problems recorded for high capital allocation for business owners is high electric consumption. With the utility costs being lowered, you are able to add money for your income!  Apart from that, you are also helping to make a healthier environment!

Check out our article as we share energy-saving tips for cafes and restaurants! These methods already helped a lot of businesses to drastically cut their energy use and expenses! Be one of the happy cafe or restaurant owner by following these tips!

1. Use energy-efficient appliance

Energy efficiency among appliances is determined by their Energy-star rating! This means that if your appliance has an energy-star rating, it uses electricity more efficiently. It will surely help you a lot if you will be choosing these types of appliances to cut down 15-20% of your electric consumption. Some of these appliances include energy-star refrigerators, high-efficiency dishwashers, and fryers. 

High-efficiency fryers

This type of appliance does not only help you cut down electric consumption, but it also helps you save cooking oil as it gives you less scorching that makes the usability of oils run for a longer period of time! 

High-efficiency dishwashers

High-efficiency dishwashers are far different from standard models! An energy star dishwasher could help you save about SGD 1,500 annually for electric consumption. The energy efficiency level of this appliance is made to adapt to low-watt usage that could cut down up to 50% of the standard model’s electric consumption.

2. Perform Appliance Maintenance

Just like any other parts of your business, appliances we use also need maintenance. A properly maintained appliance will run efficiently that it does not need additional electrical power for maximum performance. This second item on our electric saving tips for cafes and restaurants does not only cut your costs on electric consumption. It also helps you have a longer lifespan for your appliances! You should call a reliable appliance repair and maintenance company that will help you with this problem! Always remember, that if your equipment is not in the right health, it probably working harder than how it should normally be! Thus, it consumes higher energy!

3. Change your types of lighting

Switching from CFL bulbs to LED bulbs is one of the best electric saving tips for cafes and restaurants! As we all know that a well-lit restaurant catches more diners and customers! So with this being mentioned, it is always better to use LED bulbs instead of CFL bulbs. LED bulbs are 4 times more efficient than CFLs and could last 10 times longer.  The usual energy consumption of 4 LED lights is equivalent to just 1 CFL. Imagine that difference! Instead of using a CFL, take the smarter choice to switch with LED! LED also has a lower temperature emission compared to CFL, thus, creating a cooler environment inside the cafe!

4. Minimise Ambient Kitchen Temperature

When the ambient temperature inside the kitchen is too high, it makes your refrigeration and cooling appliances to work harder. The best ways to minimise the ambient temperature are:

a. Use induction appliances.

If you are just heating up small portions of food, it is better to use induction cooker hobs to get away from the presence of flame. Induction cookers. The appliance transfers heat directly to the cookware while keeping the other areas cool.

b. Install exhaust hoods

For some, this might be basic, but of course one of the best energy-saving tips is to follow this part. Condensate exhaust  or cooker hoods can help you remove the hot air out of your kitchen, this way, the ambient temperature is maintained to the optimum.

5. Create an Efficient Kitchen Layout

The kitchen layout can help your appliances run efficiently. This is the last of the most important energy-saving tips for cafes and restaurants. If appliances run efficiently, you are cutting down energy consumption. Always remember the breathing space for refrigerating appliances. Refrigerators, wine chillers, and freezers need a breathing space for expelling the hot air for its cooling process.  Without a good ventilation space, these appliances use more energy for their maximum performance! Never place cooling appliances to those which are emitting direct heat!  For example, never place a cooker hob, beside a refrigerator! 

Of course, there are still a lot of great energy-saving tips for cafes and restaurants! These ones are just the things that are commonly disregarded by restaurant and cafe owners. But as a rule of the thumb for energy-saving, ALWAYS shut down appliances that are not in use. For sure as a business owner, there are so many costs which you can’t control. But one of the best ways to lessen these types of costs to follow these tips to see measurable benefits for your energy consumption!