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Spark Solutions With Yeobuild Electrician Repair Services in Singapore

Experience a seamless flow of power with our expert electrician services in Singapore. At Yeobuild HomeRepair, our skilled professionals specialise in addressing a wide range of electrical issues, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems. From installations to repairs, trust us to keep your home or business powered up and running smoothly.

Signs Your Home Needs an Electrical Repair

Detect signs of electrical damage like smoke, frayed wires, unusual crackling sounds, or flickering lights. 

If you notice any of these indicators, promptly contact a professional electrician like Yeobuild to address and resolve these issues, preventing potential hazards.

Electrical shocks, while usually causing minor discomfort, can be unpleasant. Frequent shocks when plugging in or operating appliances may indicate a malfunctioning device or incorrect wiring. Attempting to identify the issue by connecting another device is not recommended due to potential risks. 

Call our technicians for professional electrical services to ensure a safe and effective resolution to the problem.

Over time, exposure to various substances can lead to issues such as corrosion, posing a threat to the components. Rust in electrical panels can become a significant problem. 

Therefore, it is essential to take proactive measures to prevent rust. Particularly in damp or rainy locations, your electrical panel is most susceptible and faces increased risk during unfavourable weather conditions.

While certain reasons for flickering lights, such as issues with specific light bulbs, might be common and harmless, numerous other causes can pose significant risks, including fire, shock, injury, or worse. 

The safest course of action is to turn off electrical circuits or components that exhibit flickering, dimming, or any other abnormal behaviour.  

Circuit breakers often trip when high-wattage appliances, particularly when multiple power-hungry devices are connected to the same source. These breakers serve to protect your property from damage caused by overloads and short circuits. 

In such situations, it’s crucial to trace back to the last activity before the circuit breaker tripped. Upgrading your electrical setup or adding extra circuits may be necessary to resolve the issue and ensure a more robust power supply.

Types of Electrical Repair and Replacement Services Provided By Yeobuild

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We offer a diverse range of light installation and repair services, catering to various lighting needs for your space. Our skilled professionals excel in handling different types of lights – including ceiling lights and LED lights –  ensuring your environment is well-lit and visually appealing.


Explore our versatile range of switch services, including 1-gang, 2-way, 3-gang, and 4-gang switches, catering to your diverse control needs. Additionally, we specialise in water heater services to ensure your hot water supply remains both efficient and reliable. 


We offer a range of power socket services, including the installation of additional power outlets, replacement of burnt electrical outlets, and the substitution of broken or old power sockets. Additionally, we provide options for Hager and MK power sockets, ensuring a diverse selection to suit your specific requirements.


Electrical wiring – the backbone of your electrical system. Yeobuild excels in electrical wiring services, from addressing issues to installing new wiring systems, ensuring a secure and efficient power distribution network.


We provide comprehensive services to address power trips and power failures, encompassing Electrical Distribution Board Installation (DB Box) and Electric Panel/Electric Board services. 


Our expertise extends to Circuit Breaker services, including the troubleshooting of power trips, recovery from power failures, and specialised attention to Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) services. 

Prices for Electrician Repair Services in Singapore

Prices for electrician repair services in Singapore can vary based on factors such as the nature of repair and the extent of work completed. Here is a general breakdown of our charges: 


Call-Out Charges


Minute repair


Months service warranty

How To Engage Yeobuild Electrician Repair Services



Book Your Appointment

Schedule your appointment conveniently through our online booking system. Our customer service team will promptly confirm your booking within the next working day.

If you require urgent same-day repair services, please call our hotline.



Perform electrician services and make payment

During the scheduled appointment, our electricians will efficiently assess your situation. 

Following the inspection, you will receive an electronic service report, and you can conveniently make payment through cash, check, bank transfer, or PayNow.



Provide Feedback

Following the completion of your works, our customer service team will get in touch to gather your feedback. 

Moreover, you may contact us for any post-repair inquiries. We offer a 3-month service warranty for all washing machine repairs carried out by our team.

Why Choose Yeobuild?

Experienced Team of Professionals

Experienced Team

With a track record of assisting over 2,000 customers, our team is well-equipped to address any system repairs

Our customer service agents and electricians are highly knowledgeable, ensuring adept responses to your queries during the troubleshooting process.

High Quality Service

Reliable Services

At the core of our service philosophy is your satisfaction, and we strive for excellence in every detail. 

Moreover, to underscore our confidence in the quality of our work, we proudly offer a 3-month warranty on all services rendered. This commitment reflects our ongoing dedication to the longevity of our solutions.

Competitive Pricing

Honest Prices

Rest assured, our commitment to transparency means we will proceed with the work only after obtaining your approval of the final quotation. 

We ensure that our recommendations will be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring we suggest only the necessary services or products, with no unnecessary additions.

Our Electrical Repair and Replacement Works

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Electrical Repair
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Your technician, Zhuang, is a very good man. We are very happy with his service and attitude. Make sure you don’t lose him.
Making appointment was smooth. Louis was great! He is very knowledgeable of the appliance as well as other similar models. He provided possible alternatives for the issue and in the end came up with the most efficient and cost effective solution. Will definitely use Yeobuild HomeRepair again if I have home appliance/repair needs.
Rokiah Pillay
Rokiah Pillay
Very friendly and professional service. Gave very practical solution/suggestion. I highly recommend them.
Shivani Shrivastava
Shivani Shrivastava
Absolutely happy with the services provided.
Lee Rose
Lee Rose
Well done Service n repair Louis Liew do a good job keep it up
nicholas tan
nicholas tan
Professional services and repairs were completed ahead of time
Rossellini Yap
Rossellini Yap
Thought my fridge was dead but yeobuild managed to send someone over in the same day and solved the issue! Thankfully most of the food did not good to waste. Efficient and excellent service.
andrea chew
andrea chew
Very happy with their service. Read through the recent unhappy reviews not sure why though. Had a very good experience with Yeobuild. Service team is very experience and efficient. Managed to get my dryer up and running on the first visit.

FAQs about Electrician Repair Services in Singapore

An electrical service involves the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems in various settings such as homes, businesses, and industrial facilities. These services encompass a wide range of tasks, including wiring, circuit installation, and addressing electrical issues to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of electrical systems.

When seeking an electrician in Singapore, it’s crucial to opt for reliability to ensure the safety of your homes and businesses. Proper installation, maintenance, and timely repairs of electrical systems are paramount.

Consider the following tips for selecting a dependable electrical contractor in Singapore:

  • Licence and Accreditations

Ensure you engage an EMA licensed electrician in Singapore. Gather comprehensive information to validate their capabilities and confirm that they understand your specific requirements.

  • Experience

Recognise that not all electrical companies offer the same range of services. Assess the expertise levels of the electrician, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the particular electrical services you need for your residential or commercial space.

  • Reputation

Look up the company online to ensure that they have a good online reputation. Read Google reviews and check social media pages for any red flags. 

  • Warranty

Look at Singapore electrical services that offer electrical works with workmanship or service warranty.  Verify whether these warranties extend to the electrical products used, providing you with added assurance and peace of mind.

Book your appointment with Yeobuild today! 

The pricing for electrical works in Singapore is dependent upon factors such as the specific service needed, the intricacy of the task, and the chosen service provider.

Request your personalised quote, and we can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the associated costs for your electrical needs.