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Save Time And Money For Your
Dryer Repair Service

Being an authorised service provider for 8 major appliance brands in Singapore, you can be assured that Yeobuild HomeRepair only provides professional and qualified technicians for your dryer repair service. You don’t have to worry about amateur technicians giving you the wrong advice, saving you both time and money.

Trust The Dryer Repair Experts Today!

#1 Dryer repair service in Singapore

Dryer repair warranty

All dryer repairs done by us are given 1 year service warranty.

Affordable dryer repair services

No exorbitant prices. Only competitive prices for your dryer services.

Qualified technicians

All our technicians are certified and competent to provide dryer services.

Dryer Repair Track Record

Have confidence in our dryer repair experts!!


Happy customers over the
last 5 years


Minutes on average for a dryer repair


Call-out charge for a dryer repair service

*Note:- A surcharge of $30 is payable for Gas Dryers.

Customer Reviews

Attended by Mr Chong. Good knowledge and service attitude with reasonable rate. Yeobuild HomeRepair is definitely highly recommended!Some companies promise you the sky in their websites. But once I contacted them, either they turned down the job or didn't bother to reply at all after describing the problem to them. Maybe too the task too small for them.
Rayson Tung
Dennis and Ms Chong from Yeobuild came to my house for heater repair. They are able to do it on the spot and issue was resolved beautifully. They even helped with clearing some debris from the tap. no fuss and no hassle, appointment was efficiently booked and also a next day notice thing. Will recommend Yeobuild to my friends and family. Thanks for the good service Dennis and Ms Chong.
Zhaozhi Zac Ng
Prompt reply, contactable and reply to miss call. Good knowledge and service attitude with reasonable rate.Attended by James.Highly recommended.
Janius Tan
Website is easy to navigate and user-friendly.Professional and reliable service.Technician who was sent was polite, helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to share tips.Service report, which was given after the initial visit (checking the issue) and the actual visit (to rectify the problems), was simple to read and understand. It was also comprehensively filled up.The one year warranty is also a nice touch.
Jonathan Jacob
Thanks to friendly Stanley Choo for fixing my issue. Appreciate the clear explanation of the problem and good communication for me to decide on option that suited me. Very professional and knowledgeable for a young chap. I would recommend YeoBuild.
Deep Sea
Mr Peter , who is also a trainer (with Mr Wong) is very knowledgeable and gave a very clear explanation on how he would repair my build-in oven . He also give a 3 year warranty for the job. I would recommend Yeobuild Repair.
Steve Ang
Had an issue with my oven and an appointment was promptly arranged upon contact. Technician Stanley Choo who came by to assess and repair, was professional and friendly. Overall a pleasant and fuss-free experience. Reasonably priced too. Thank you!
Evangeline Chiang
Had a good experience with Yeobuild technician James Ng yesterday after he attended to my request for cooker hob repairs.He explained the fault of the cooker hob well and gave the quote immediately too...once I got clearance to repair the hob at $290...the message to go ahead was clearly disseminated to him even though I didn’t manage to get hold of him. After the job, he called me to inform me accordingly which I find it pleasant and will definitely use their service again. Very professional and prompt too !
Jeslyn Leow Fon Fon
Yeobuild Home Repair provide good service and efficient service support upon request. Mr. Cheong Yee Feng senior home maintenance specialist has good knowledge of the service and advise provided for my cloth dryer repair. I am satisfied with his service and will recommend Yeobuild HomeRepair services to my family members and my friends.
Jeslin Liau
Excellent service by Peter Yeo.Provided detail and easy to understand technical knowledge on EuropAce gas hob product. 👍💯
Alan Ang
Excellent service, from making the appointment, update on availability of the technician, costs involved and final repairs. Was very pleased to be informed that repairs will not be charged if the fault is unable to be rectified. Specialist Stanley was very thorough in troubleshooting my wine chiller, explaining the various issues and solving the problem. Slightly costly, but well worth it. Highly recommended.
Carl Chay
I asked for dishwasher repair since it was leaking. So when the technician Chong Chee Hang came to my place, he told me the obvious after looking at my machine that the inner plastic is broken. He keeps on insisting on $80 callout charge irrespective of the fact he should be more concerned about the repair.I found it strange but I was OK that Yeobuild was reputable company so it is fine. I will pay the callout charges and later on that can be adjusted if the bill is above $150.After he was gone, I kept on following on the updates since I was not getting any positive update from the team. After 2 weeks they told me the supplier(Electrolux) is not able to provide them with the parts and I have to wait yet another 2-3 months for the repair or I can buy new dishwasher.I felt like being cheated of $80.I want my amount to be refunded if you guys cannot repair a machine, the amount should be refunded rather than being argued upon.
Rohit Rastogi
Chong and James were very professional, they managed to sort out the issue easily and quickly.
Grace Tan
I engaged Yeoman to repair my Kadeka wine chiller which malfunctioned over Christmas. The experience had been a positive one. The service booking and customer interface and the repairs were professionally and efficiently followed up and done. The technician Stanley Choo was courteous and professional. The job unfortunately had to be done over two tries but the entire process was closely followed up and solved.
Chirjolasky Tango
they provide very good service
John Tan
Excellence service from Chong the technician who came to service my gate. Provided his professional advise the fix in my gate and keeping the cost low for me. The response is very fast too from call to timely arrival . Would strongly recommend them.
Nancy Tan
They are helpful and provide assistance when required
Ahlan Wasahlan
They have held my fan hostage at their office charging a premium to fix it, instead they push a new fan to me. They charge 280 to fix my fan instead of 230 for a new fan. After arguing with them about the opacity of their costing, they said they made an error and did not include multiple fixing costs. After relenting and accepting their 230 cost for a new fan THEY RESCINDED THAT OFFER AND CHARGED AN EXTRA 100 dollars saying it was out of stock even though their staff clearly said they have confirmed the order on the initial fan. This company is run by incompetent people and I feel sorry for their technicians who have to bear the brunt of their stupid management.
Ryan Lyl
Service is great. From the first phone call made to speaking with real person to the follow up and the appointment. Technician Luqman is professional and takes his time to explain everything. Wonderful and recommended!
Alicia Wong
The technicisn Stanley was very courteous and professional. He went though all the protocols and advised on pros and cons of replacing my never used 20 year old Bosch oven that tripped when turned on. I trusted his explainaton and advice and went ahead with the repair. Thanks!
Carol Lim
Don't engage them. Their post service is super lousy, keep pushing the task to the product vendor and keep asking you for more money. Will cause you a lot of headache.
Jasmine Lee
Never engaged this company for your home repair. Their cost is astronomical and highly unprofessional. I just got them to look into my gas stove ignition problem and my cooker hood light.The technician is helpful but the cost of repairing the gas stove(only one big burner got ignition problem) and i was quoted $460 over dollars.Next the light on the hood consist of two small bulbs and both not working. He suggests I buy from the hardware store and just screw back in. For just transport and diagnosis I was charged $80 which I had no complaints since it’s agreed upon.After I had bought the bulbs and put them in only one of them can work and the other one cannot probably due to a connection problem. Called the customer service to speak to the technician Luqman but was blocked by James the customer service officer. He gave the excuse that Luqman was busy onsite not even a mere 5 minutes! I was originally quoted $20 for the supply and $40 for the labour but James mentioned that the quotation is only meant for putting back the new bulbs into the holes. For connection problem which require some wiring they need to come down again and see and it’s chargeable again. As though that’s a big deal he said only charged me $10 for the transport but quotation can only tell me onsite. I told him Luqman has seen my hood and he should know how much to charge but James was hesitant to let me talk to him. He finally said $180 waived 30 for transport but subject to final quotation again. Do u think I’m a sucker to go for that for a simple connection problem.Not satisfied I called some other handyman and I got a quotation which is so much cheaper. What a bloody rip off!Never never use this company!
Henry Mok
My friend just informed me this Yeobuild HomeRepair is the most terrible and expensive handyman in Singapore. Expensive and inefficient. My friend told me he waited the whole day for their technician to come. When come just see see and look look cost him $50? When asked for the repair cost he code $290 almost the half price of a new hob. Oh! My God!! He informed us and all his friends and relatives not to fall into their trap again. A big NO NO for this company.
Lam You Ken
This is my second experience with Yeobuild and I’d rate their service as 5-star. Technician Stanley was patient, careful and knowledgeable. He was punctual too. It was also very easy to book an appointment. Keep up your good service 😃
Nora Cheng
I had a faulty oven light bulb and I had called the original brand for spare parts but I was informed that since my oven model was old, they could not do the repair for me! Out of desparation, I googled and found Yeobuild Home Repair! The staff, Ivan, was very professional and patient and managed to change my oven bulb for me! He was very meticulous and even checked the wiring and the heating elements well before leaving and suggesting any further repairs. I highly recommend Yeobuild HomeRepair and Ivan!
Rachel Tham Chin Xin
We are a 3rd time repeat customer of YeosBuild. This time, we were at wits end of our electricity trip problem. Mr Chong from YeosBuild was most knowledgeable and experienced to confirm the source of our electricity trip. We were very impressed by his professionalism and grateful to him for expediting with his office to change the heating element of our heater. Thumbs up to Mr Chong and YeosBuild again!
Steven N E Lim
We used Yeobuild to help repair our Oven, very impressed with their level of services.
Richard S. Ryan
Luqman was a very patient technician who took the time to explore various ways to resolve my stove. Highly recommended though price was a bit on the high side.
Pei Pei Chew
Technician came and communicated what would be the issue with my wine fridge and fixed it. Thank you !
Nancy Chan
They are very expensive. Without having to change any part on my gas hob. Just for cleaning the burner part they charged 150$. Which is ridiculously expensive. We were told 50$ is the visit charge rest will be dependent on the job. This is really a bad experience. Will not recommend to anyone
Nishita Gambhira
The technician who came over to our house to service our cooking hob(with oven) was friendly and patient enough to explain in details what the issues were and how he was going to fix it. We are satisfied with the service provided and will definitely recommend Yeobuild HomeRepair to others. Thank you so much!
Jinko Ho
Came and fixed the problem. That is what you expect for about 240 dollars. Thank you, kenny
Louly Yap
Didn’t have a good experience as a first-time customer because terms and conditions were not communicated clearly:1. When I was still considering whether to make an appointment, I received an email stating that I would be given a 20% discount for making an appointment. I only found out later (after the inspection appointment) that the 20% discount would be given only when I give a Facebook review. 2. Charges were not stated and explained clearly right from the start. When a customer officer called me to confirm my appointment, I was only told that the call-out charge was $50 and that there will be additional charges if repairs are recommended. So when I received the quotation for the recommended repairs, I was shocked to see that I had to pay a 40% deposit before the repairs could proceed. This was a rude shock to me because other companies that I had contacted did not have such terms. However, I would like to compliment their technicians on their good work attitude and patience. They had some difficulty putting my dryer back in place but they worked at it persistently till they succeeded. I hope improvements can be made so that others will be well-informed about the charges right from the very start.
Bernice Loh
Awesome service .. knowledgeable and skilled staff who helped fix my dishwasher issues! Very straightforward company with good communication and invoicing by email.5* will use again - Thankyou.
Nicola Hodges
Fast and efficient service that is done professionally without worries.
Luqman Hariz
Very good in all aspects of service and repair.Including replacement..Great technical advice too
Paul Vp
The booking system was very efficient, the service staff on the line were helpful. When there were changes they tried to inform me early. I was also thankful for Mr Kenny’s help in fixing my oven. He was friendly, professional, diagnosed the issue quickly and he even gave many tips on how to prolong the life of my oven or how to choose a good oven. Thank you! 🙂
Eunice Tang
Very professional, reasonable pricing, friendly staff.
Shaun Ting
The technician are polite and capable. We are satisfied their performance.
Suwandi Koeswoyo
Very professional service.
Adebola Ogunlade
Hes been efficient and friendly man and willing to compile his knowlegde..meaning to share his skill on how to care for the hoodl would like to share his workwise to others .Thanks to the technician Stanley frm Yeobuild HomeRepair.
Maya Rafi
👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Jireh is very professional and got my ceiling fan fixed
Emily Tay
I changed my Gas stove with the help of YeoBuild Very Good service. They are professional services and you can try one time to see the services.
Vahanan Mayill
Team was on time, polite and professional and job done well
Michelle Ho
Yeobuild is efficient and service was always excellent. Technician , Chong Yee Feng was friendly and able to explain the details of my faulty tap. He arrived on time and found the root cause of the slow water flow due to faulty cartridge. Thank you !
Joy Lim
Had Mr Pek Jireh attended to our cooker hood. Problem was fixed within 20minutes. Very fast job, friendly and helpful. Even asked about issues with other appliances. Invoicing done on the spot and he was sure that I have seen it/receive it. He's a gem towards your business.
Yi Rara
Fast and professional service by Jireh. He is very friendly & helpful. Highly recommended, quick response..
Elaine Khiew
Very good customer service, able to arrange for a technician quickly. Technician is also knowledgeable. Their service system is also very good, all the signing of invoices are all immediately sent via email account. Overall very satisfied with their service!
Shirley Wong
You repair man Mr Chong has done a excellent service , very polite and good advice , well done Will recommend to other Thanks
Teo Hua Boon
Received friendly and helpful service from Stanley on my old oven today. Very satisfied with his fast service! Job well done!
Apang Pan
Had my stove repaired by Reduan and Rohaizat. Very satisfied with their service. They were able to rectify the problem and even explained the cause. It was fixed super fast and charged me less than I expected. Highly recommended.
Julaiha Johari
Very professional technicians who will complete the jobs efficiently and effectively
Estrella Tan
service personal is friendly and knowledgeable
Jeremy Lee
Our tech guy from Yeo build, Stanley was friendly and v helpful. We changed our kitchen hood and hob with his help. Happy n grateful.
Norman Ang
Very professional n patient technicians. does a great job
KoonMeng Chow
Mr Tan and Mr Yeo are professional, friendly and efficient in repairing the cooker hob. Rafy from customer service is courteous. Overall great services ! Highly recommend !
Gorvan Ho
Quick & efficient repair of my water heater!
Vivien Chin
Me. Stanly is very good at repairing the stove and he is very polite and humble when he was carried his duty. I recommend him for people those who want his service. Thanks.
Rajeevi Krishna
Chong came by and rectified quickly and swiftly to resolve the light issue with my microwave. Thank you.
Benedict Wong
This is my first experience with Yeobuild and I am impressed with their quality of service rendered. From their customer service officer's assistance via the telephone to the technician who attended to me. I was attended to by Mr Albert Tan and I was very impressed by his level of service. He was kind, patient, willing to share his knowledge and generally easy to engage with. If one's kitchen stove were to ever have problems, Mr Tan is the person you would hope to appear at your doorstep. He was such a joy to have around during these troubling times. I sincerely hope Yeobuild cherishes Mr Tan as one of their valued employees. Thank you.
Lorenzo Oznerol
Excellent service by Stanley and partner. They are able to explain the issue that I had with the oven. Both staff were very knowledgeable. They still proceed to advice me what I should do in future to prevent the same issue from happening again. Recommended definitely! Thumbs up! 😊
Jamilah Ilah
Speedy and courteous attendance to my calls by Anne, and efficient and excellent service by technician Rohaizad! Thank you for your excellent service! Please keep up the good work, now and always.
Devi Haridas
They're very professional, Ann Send email confirmation after call. Repair Technician, Steve Lin Took pictures before starting, video the prob. Write report & send invoice instantly. Got QR code as well. My wife & I so impressed we circulated their contact numbers to our friends. Thumbs up!
Steven Tay
The phone operator was very friendly and takes patience to understand my issues. The repairman came 15mins ahead of the stipulated time. He even patiently explained and gave me advice on how to troubleshoot in the future at no cost (since I managed to resolve the issue before he came) Definitely will call for their help if I have issues again in the future.
Ming Ming Allison Lim
Very fast response from Customer services Ann and Excellent Service from Stanley.He is very professional and very patience to explain to us what cause the fault. Thank you for the great service you provided!
Snee Tan
The response time for customer service to get back to us after filling in the online form was fast. Handyman M.Rohaizad was punctual, friendly and explained the process step by step and the costs involved and very clearly. Overall the problem was solved and we are happy with the overall service. Thank you!
Farrah Wainwright
I would really like to give a shout out to Mr. Chong from Yeobuild. He attended to my wine fridge repair and his service quality was very high. Anne from their service desk was also extremely efficient and helped to schedule my appointment ASAP. Thank you both for your help, it was a pleasure working with you.
Rukshan Almeida
I really appreciated that Yeobuild and Kenny were upfront with the costs of repair and Kenny took the time to explain to me what was wrong / I should do in future. Thank you Kenny and to Yeobuild for the great service, and we wish Kenny (and your family!) all the best!
Sarah Tan
Had an issue with my wine chiller and the assigned technician, Ignatius provided me very clear explanation on the cause and also gave me great advise on how to maintain my appliance. Would be very happy to recommend Yeobuild to all my friends who require home maintenance and repairs.
Amanda Yap-Koh
My cooker hob broke down during circuit breaker. Yeobuild CS team is good and efficient. I called in the morning and technician came in the afternoon to check. Ignatius Chan is professional and knows his products well. With his recommendation, we are able to solve the problem within a few days. Very happy to recommend their service!
Peggy Ng
I have previously used YeoBuild. This time I had Ignatius Chan come repair my oven. Ignatius is professional and very personable. He is very responsive to all my questions. Highly recommended!
Anna Ang
They have a well trained and professional team to carry out the repair job and also have a very good and efficiency system.
Chaur Ming Bryan Tan
Yes thank you so much Peter & Albert Tan for your patience & professionalism in repairing my humble home's ceiling fan, kitchen's lights & toilet tape. Sincere Gratitude to both of you for rushing over immediately after late lunch - we really appreciate your kindness. Would definitely recommend to Family Members & Friends. 👍💪👬🧰🔧
Irene Tham
Thanks Chong, he is owesome, very fast respond and closely follow up.
SP Ngew
We engaged Yeo Build because we have multiple appliances faulty and they are able to repair them. Upon reaching, they wore their masks at this critical moment which I feel gave us a sense of security, they went through a short run of diagnostic tests and advised us what are the problems are. What's more the solutions provided are accurate. They managed to resolve all our on the spot with very little downtime. We are thankful that we engaged them from the beginning instead of going through different vendors for different appliances.
Pamela Tan
Thanks Chong for his services, he is very friendly and helpful. Most importantly, very efficient! I will definitely look for Yeobuild for home appliances repair and services.
Justin Lai
Very professional team. My request was to repair the stove. I am impressed by your serviceman Stanley who explained clearly what he was doing and the issue with my old stove. He let me feel that he is here to help and was not pushing any unnecessary sales. I ended up buy a new stove after the old one is beyond repair. The new stove is good and we are happy with that and the services provided by him.
Mark Mah
Totally impressed by how fast and prompt their service and repair is. Everything is digitalised from making appointment to acknowledgement of job to the final payment of their service. Will recommend this provider to all. Thank you Chong for making it fuss free for me. Keep up the good work 💪🏻
Judy Ang
Very professional team - from the lady who receives the service request to the technician who came to the house to repair my washing machine. Great service too!
Celina Conti
very pleased with the service. friendly ane very informative. xtremely happy with the outcome. highly reccomended
Vett Jac
The booking schedule was on time and service provided by Stanley was professional.
James Keh
Our repair person Mr Chong was very efficient.We had a 8 year old Borsch dishwasher repaired.I am very pleased with their professional service and cost was also within our budget.Highly recommend Yeobuild.Repairs come with one year warranty 👍
Marie D'nacio
Professional and courteous service from Zulkiffli. Thanks for the repair!
Roland Carreon
Ignatius was very professional and provide excellent and clear advice before proceeding with the repair service on our Bosch built in oven. Very courteous and cheerful guy. We are very pleased with his service. The customer service team who arrange the service schedule were just as efficient in updating and coordinating the appointment made. Will not hesitate to use their other services when required.
Peggy Chua
Mr Kenny & Stanley They were very good at the job of serving my Hoob and oven ,Satisfied with their job .4.5*
Kiran Ramchandani
Kenny and Stanley gave the best advice before they repair the washing machine. Definitely would recommend to my friends!
Vincent Ong
Ignatius was extremely courteous, professional and obliging. Service was excellent and delivered in a very timely fashion. 5/5 on all fronts.
Tarun Chainani
Washing machine was out of order and service provided by their technician, Zulkiffli Bin Ahmad, was excellent. He was timely in arrival and the washing machine was fixed in no time! Price is reasonable for service provided.
Leow Chee Hui Daniel
Stanley was on time and explained my hob's issues with me. Was satisfied with Yeobuild's professionalism.
Sally Quah
i must say pro active technician Stanley done a great job he gone the extra mile glad that I yeobuild for my stove issuethank you greatly appreciated.🙂✌️ — at Punggol Spectra.
الرحمن رجل
Chong was our technician who attended to us to fix our built-in microwave oven. He was friendly and before the service, he explained the costs and the terms very clearly to us. He was very professional and competent and was able to troubleshoot the problem and fix it on site. I would highly recommend Yeobuild HomeRepair, and in particular, Chong, for their services.
Jiemin Lai
Very professional in repairs and billing. Though price abit steep.
Johnie Lim
Very responsive, able to schedule to come fix my oven within 3 days, technician Stanley was very polite and friendly. He manage to fix the issue and discover that the thermostat was also faulty. Total spent $310 after discount. Overall satisfied with his service but find it too pricey...
Cynthia Zhuang
Fast professional service!
Vincent Koh
I am very pleased with the services provided by Mr Kenny. He is very patient and explains clearly on how my fridge is going to be repaired.
Nicole Wong
Very responsive service and was able come down and repair my oven within 2 days. The technician, Chong, was very professional and provided good advice to repair my oven. Overall very satisfied with repair.
ChungWei Chan
Professional and clear on the charges. He explained the proposed solution and the price. Once agreed, sign on the quotation first, then he will start the repair. Then you sign the invoice after repair is done. Photos and videos were taken throughout for documentation. Maybe abit pricy but you don’t have to worry about magical charges appearing all of a sudden.
Kae Ling Yong
Kenny Hoe came down to my place and manage to fix the problem immediately. Thank you
Amelia Chung
Professional n friendly guys...thumbs up
Iqbal Abdullah
This is the second I asked them to come fix my stove problem (different problem from the last time).Very efficient company. I called at 9:15am for repair of my stove and got a 11am-1pm appointment on the same day. The Mr. Rohaizad is very helpful, patient and polite. He helped me fix my stove burner issue and gave me some good and honest advice on my questions. He also helped me to check if there is any gas leakage issue after the issue is fixed and sent me a gas appliance safety commission certificate. The only thing is the charge this time is quite expensive, but they are very professional.
Irene Po
Fast response. Their professional and knowledgable technician, Stanley, explained the whole process clearly and completed the jobs promptly.
Kim Yang
Rohaizad fixed our oven. He was very prompt, helpful, and knowledgeable. 🙂
Claire Tan Shumei
gain alot information .Solve my problem I will recommend it to my friend . Thanks alot Stanley.
Nyai Aqil
Timely and very professional. Mr Chong Yee Feng analysed my problem and gave me good advice on what to do next. Thanks!
Hwee Leng Toh-Heng
I had many lightbulbs that needed changing. While it is pretty expensive at $30 to change each bulb... I had many to change, but I must say the staff, Chong Chee Hang was very professional. He kept the place neat n tidy. He vacuum after each visit and is almost polite.
Sandy Leow
Very professional and timely service. Can recommend. A bit pricey for a small repair though.
Monika Patricia
Chong has provided great service .Thank you, Yeobuild! Merry Christmas n a prosperous new year! GOD bless you!
Doreen Tay
Very professional! I found the company online and sent in a job description (cooker hobs not working). Got a call back very quickly to arrange an appointment and later on Ignatious came by and fixed the problem. No extra $ on top of the call out fee. What’s not to like.
John Alabaster
Services was good and quick with reasonable pricing! Chong, our service guy, was effective and friendly as well!
Tong Ngee Chong
Efficient & professional from appointment (Jocelyn) to technical service (Kenny & Ignatius). The SMS notification and tracking on the day of home service before arrival is excellent. A very personable gesture of dependability! Kenny cleaned & mopped up the mess behind the dryer before servicing👍 Maybe a little pricey for the quick minor repair (no parts installation); however, the values of thoroughness & competency in their work and personal touch of service are worth the fees. Keep up the excellent job!
Anastasia Chang
Chan Ignatius was patience and detail. He is knowledgeable. I trust Yeobuild to repair my items.
Fenner Pedersen
Usually is just a gimmick when they said they can repair, before they come to your place to so call repair your item, they had already prepare a quotation for a replacement which they said not sure what brand they will use at the fixed price which is almost double then many brand. And yet they charge $50 for just visiting. Don’t trust this people, when I go Harvey Norman to check, the installation and disposal of the product is only $40, yeobuild is charging $280, that’s 7 times more. They are absolutely blood sucker. Those that gave them good comments, please go check with other suppliers how much is the product and labour, I think you will feel regret and angry when you found out how much you had over paid.
Keith Tan
I'm writing about the 2nd time I've approached Yeobuild HomeRepair. In a nutshell, they're prompt, friendly and mostly great with customers.Had to call them to check on an issue they previously helped me with (capacitor) which was loud droning noises coming from the ceiling fan. The first time they replaced the capacitor, it worked for about 3 weeks before the droning came back. Then they helped replace it again and now it sounds great. It might be the motor, which technician Rohaizad patiently explained.Nevertheless, the process was easy and friendly. Thank you.
Nazir Amir
Technician Chong was very efficient and good. He shared valuable advice. Will definitely recommend their service.
Jasmine Ng
They charges more than other services. Didn’t explain the charges in detail during the phone call. And expect me to pay ridiculous amounts.
Ethel Chew
I am totally surprised with the service tender by Yeo build home repairContacted a day ago to fix my Rowenta oven, appointment confirmed the next day.Mr. Chong who attended did a fantastic job on the spot and explained the problem related to to the breakdown. A Trusted service Organization which I had used them before. Well done keep up the good work.
Steven Sin
Not honest with their fault assessment and quotation.Tech has the usual habit of saying, problem is complicated , require customer to agreed and endorse signing of additional trouble shooting fees before they can proceed checking. Had bad experience on my first service with them. My first and last with them for bad practises.
Andy Tan
Fantastic service. 2nd time calling them for help with hob issues. Customer service is friendly, and technician Stanley is patient and helpful - Suggested other cost saving alternatives for us instead of instant repair.
Yihwen Heng
Thank you, Chong! For a quick and fast repair on the spot!
Jasmin Soh
The service was great. Not only did Stanley repair the cooker hob, but he also taught us ways to maintain it. Once again, thank you!
Lin Guiyun
Thanks to Kenny for his fast respond and good knowledge of wine chiller.
Terrence Lim
Mr Chong has come over to my place to repair my wine cellars. Based on his experience, he found that the wine cellar is having a leak.He is given good advise and options for me to decide on which type of repair to do. Well done.
Wong Wai Mun
Good service from Chong and Stanley.👍🏻
Jane Yeo
Chong and Zul came to repair my water filter and door lock and were so polite and helpful. Quick as a flash they explained the problem and were able to fix the filter despite numerous attempts by me to do it myself previously! Very efficient company
Milly Hewitson
Kenny was very professional and helped to identify the issue very quickly👍🏻
Debra Teo
service was done by Chong. Prompt and efficient. Good and reliable repair job. Person in charge was responsive and got back to us as promised. Recommended
Jessie Low
Technician, Mr William give clear explanation before carries on to repair the cooker hob. Satisfied with his service and definitely will recommended to friend 🙂
Xian Chin
Fast and reliable. Strongly recommend.
Ng Khai Cheong
Chong has done a good and honest job in fixing our wine fridge and oven. Will definitely intro my friends to their services. Customer service lady was v friendly too in helping us arrange our appt.
Carrollyn Leow
This company gave me a prompt reply when called. Mr Chong, technician gave me a very clear explanation of what he will be doing before he proceeds. Very patience gentlemanListening to my oven problems.Would recommend him to any of you got home appliances problems,.
Jenny Ang
Very efficient! Called up and came the next day!
Cherry E Lin
Professional, polite and punctual service. The repairman for our microwave came to the house on time and was able to pinpoint the problem. He offered his professional advice on what we could do and the cost of the different options. Came back a week later with a fully repaired and working microwave.
Timothy Tky
Fast repair cum delivery. First quotation needed some clarifications. However, after that, everything went smoothly.
Chong Pui Chih
Managed to get an old microwave oven fixed. Repair was fast. Technician polite and efficient.
LayPeng Tan
Bought the Vornado fan from Amazon US and didn’t realized I need to use a step up transformer before I plug into the power socket and the fan got fried. Can’t claim warranty as the fan is from US. Manage to find Yeobuild and they are willing to repair the fan. Service advisor - Jocelyn is friendly and courteous and attend to all my enquiries about fixing the fan. Recommend their service to all. Fix for fixed in a short period and the repair cost is reasonable! Thanks Yeobuild!
Leslie Setoh
Satisfied with the service for repairing washing machine and stove. Technician was efficient, polite and prompt.
Diya Chakrabarti
Mr Rohaizad was efficient in repairing my ceiling fan and gave a detailed breakdown of the costs. Definitely recommended.
Edmund Zheng
I had my oven fixed by Yeobuild technician Mr. Lim, he is reliable, very helpful and knowledgeable. I am strongly recommend Mr. Lim to fix your oven.
Regina Tan
Made an appointment but no one turned up.
Radagast Brown
Asked them to repair a dryer which is essentially replacing a ruptured dryer belt. I had purchased the exact same part from a retailer for the brand of dryer. They were unable to install it. The technician again texting back and forth. In the attempted installment process, he cracked my plastic grill at the loading chamber. When asked if they would compensate or repair the damage, avoided the question (which is consistent in their invoices later on which makes excuses to absolve them of any damage to your appliance in Super small print). In the end, I did half the work trying to help him here and there- don’t know why I hired these guys when I was doing the work also. Eventually took the dryer back and said the part is not correct. Not stretchable. That’s what their “experienced” technician said belt not stretchy enough. What an “expert” explaination. The belt I got was the same shape size length. Three rib two grooves compatible for the dryer yet they could not install. The technician also tested the stretch the day of the attempted installation and came to the conclusion it was the same elasticity as the new part.The icing on the cake is that they wanted to charge 70 dollars for the part and another 100 for the installation on TOP of 50 for transport and diagnostics. If I didn’t know anything about dryers (and it’s not that hard) I would say it is a rip off (which it is). These guys are not experienced and will rip you off. I don’t recommend their services to anyone. Inexperienced and does not take responsibility. Pay yourself the 50 bucks and fix it with the help of YouTube. Service will be faster and outcomes better. These guys can’t make it. I urge everyone to avoid them.
Mike Hsieh
Service was fast and prompt. Serviceman Kenny was pleasant and skilled.
Keith Han
Kenny came & repaired our washing machine. He is excellent guy, patient, polite & detail in explaining what is going wrong. Highly recommended!
Kris Wong
I am appalled that a simple repair of an LED light in my storeroom cost me $180. There was no change of spare parts, repairs were done on site and after asking why it was so expensive, the technician kept repeating that it was an electrical issue and that they take no chances and they are thorough in checking for safety. Seriously, isn't this taken as a given for any electrical repair work? He kept on repeating over and over again this was company policy and this is their charges. This will be the LAST time i am calling u.
Harris Zaidi
I engaged Yeobuild HomeRepair to fix my built in Electrolux oven as it kept tripping. Geraldine was very efficient and arranged for a next day appointment with technician, Chong. He was punctual, explained the cause of my oven tripping and resolved the issue! I am overall satisfied with their services! Thank you Chong!
Jasmain Chow
The technician Chong are very patient and professional👍
Lois Tan
Very efficient and excellent service.
Agnes Chua
Yeobuild Homerepair has unbelievable high prices without any propper diagnose! It starts with 80 S$ for coming home (50S$ for coming plus 30 S$ for having a MIELE dryer) 80 S$ -which is a common price for the service clming home-THAT would be exceptable-but then the technician was quoting 390 S$ just for repair on the site and without any spareparts. If it would have included spareparts it would be a different story-it was just a random quotation! And if the repair on the spot would not be successful, he wanted to bring the dryer to his workshop charging 690 S$ without even knowing what is wrong with the dryer and what spareparts would costs him!!!And because it is a MIELE dryer he was saying that he charges more no matter what the problem is. The service and the pricing is an incompetent ripoff!!
Isabelle Gloede
Unbelievable sky high prices. Quoted $600 just to repair. Don't even talk about the price to replace. Got someone else to replace at $400 who has more experience and done in 20mins. Your company needed 1 week to solve. Definitely won't recommend your company to anyone. Save them from the nightmare your company gave me. What a lousy company. Please don't claim that your technicians are well trained. They did not even do thorough diagnostics to check if any other components might be the cause of the problem.
Jim Koo
I wished all service industries and ther emplyees work like Kenny Hoe who was assigned to repair my KadeKa wine cooler. It started with a phone call at 9am, and his arrival same day at 3pm, on the dot (They even have a position tracker to show where the technician is enroute). I am impressed with his work, and he delivered what Yeobuild promises that was written on their website - Reliable, Credible, Convenient, Peace of Mind, 24/7 and Transparent (he explained every bits about prices, parts to be replaced and what to expect).I give you a FIVE Stars, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, and thank you.
Prices too high. Technian came to check my appliances. Quotation was unbelievable high. They came to run some cycles to the machine. Collected $60 transportstion and left with unbelievable high quotation for repair. Will not call them again.
Mey Mey Li
Requested service repair for our dryer and received a very prompt response. Mr Chong arrived as promised and quickly assessed the problem and performed the repair. We were very impressed with his service and will definitely use him again and recommend to family and friends.
Janice Tan
Amos came to our unit to fix our hood light. Soft spoken, good manner and friendly. Very happy with his service!!
Skyna Low
Mr Chong CH has the customer's interest in mind, provide solutions and hence save cost.
Dawn Foo
I am Rashid from Bangladesh but now i am in doha my work is electrician i have good working experience from 6 year's now i want job in Singapore my WhatsApp number is +97455982040
Rajkumar Rasel
I am satisfied with the service provided by Mr Kenny. He explained clearly what is going on and stay put to make sure the washing machine is functioning well before leaving even though this is a last min add in job for him. Thumb up for his service and will recommend others to look for him if there is any breakdown. For Kenny's service, I would rate him a 5 stars.But I had rated 4stars instead due to the service provided by from the office staff who was handling in arranging the technician. My original technician was tied up at other job site, henceforth, Kenny took over at a very last min time and I had called up to Yeobuild at close to 4pm on asking roughly what time will their technician be arriving as our scheduled time is 2pm to 5pm, plus I need to fetch both kids from school which is quite a distance from my house. Then was told by the lady in office that the technician is tied up at current Job site and she will schedule their technician to come at 5pm to 5.30pm. Out of courtesy, i feel yr company should have inform customer should the techiciannus being held up and not wait for customer to call and ask. So I rush out to fetch my kids from school and rush back home in order not to be late for scheduled time(5pm to 5.30pm). I waited till 5.40pm, and there was no sign of the technician and no call from Yeobuild to inform us the technician will be late till I called up their hotline again. Yes 2nd time calling and was told by the same girl that she will call and ask the technician. To my disappointment as I am expecting a call back from her, instead of a call, I received a SMS stating their technician is on their way and will reach 25min and a link for us to see where is their technician location. No explanation given on why their techician was late till Kenny came and explain. Hope Yeobuild will educate your staff in handling this kind of situation. We had other planning at night and cos of the poor communication from the office, we had to rearrange our planning. Service from Kenny is excellent but service from office staff is not up to the standard. Totally disappointed in the way the office staff communicate with customer. It is a basic courtesy to at least inform or explain to customer instead of letting customer to call back office twice.
Lina Fu
Professional approach from the start (customer service hotline) to finish (services rendered). Kenny arrived at my place punctually to fix the washing machine. He provided a clear diagnosis of the problem and was able to fix it without any fuss. He was armed with the company’s mobile app tool to process payment in a professional manner (I received email invoice within 1 min!) the entire interaction was pleasant and smooth - Kenny and the Yeobuild team earn my highest recommendation!
Ann-Marie Wun
My less-than-3 year old Kadeka wine cooler was not working and got the technician to check and replace the power board. The charges include $100 for the technician to come down, $200 to replace the part and another $150 for the part itself. Total $450, which is close to 25% of the cost of my cooler. Not cheap! However, the technician Kenny was professional and friendly, and got the job done in about 30 mins.
Johnny Tan
Your servicemen Chong n Amos managed to rectify the problem to my satisfaction
Felicia Chng
My build in oven has stop working for 9 month .i get the service from yeobuild home repair to check and repair .the company attach the technician name chong to do the all the sastified with the work he done now the oven is working well .thank u Chong for gd work.��
Roni Rhashim
Kenny came on time and did an excellent job. Price is not that cheap but the service was good.
Ka Ka Wilson
Mr Chong has did a great job!
Leon Tan
Technician Chong came check and found my cooking Hob is in bad condition. He advise to replace new hob. He explained everything to me so that i can repair or replace. Recommended!!
Sheng Ye
Very quick and professional response. Definitely recommend their service and Kenny who has fixed my wine fridge and water heater !! Very happy to recommend them
Rick Lloyd
Dickson Tay
We had an issue with the washing machine - the plug catched fire. Kenny came here and fixed it in less than 30 minutes. He is very friendly and knew directly what to do. Thanks a lot for helping us out so quickly ! I can really recommend the service.
Florian Tiller
Amos is clear in his professional advice. Heis also very courteous in his way.
Tan Choon Guan
Fast Service @ reasonable repair cost @ $30 for Ariston hob and $20 for my hood.The technician, Amos was highly competent. He explained what caused my hob starter problem. From him, my family learnt the do's and don't in the use and care of my hob.Furthermore Amos took time to teach my helper the correct way of cleaning the hob.
Janette Ng
Great service. Amos was very knowledgeable. Thanks
Jacintha Rama
Today afternoon, two workers named Kenny and Chong came to my shop Koon Beng Foodstuff to repair my freezer compressor. These two workers were very patient and experienced, with commendable work attitude and service. I am greatly satisfied with their service this afternoon and I am very thankful for the work they have put up. Thank you!
Ben Soh
Yong did a great job diagnosing the problem for my oven. And quickly repaired it. He did so in an open and honest way, telling me about upfront costs. Other companies charge diagnosing fees too. So I feel it’s not unreasonable. But the diagnosis is accurate. That’s the most important. I had an earlier guy who gave a wrong diagnosis and I ended up wasting that consultation fees. So good job to YeoBuild.
Dawn Lim
Yesterday, Kenny came to our home regarding gas stove repairs. He knows his job well and he was very supportive, giving us advice on the maintenance of other appliances. Given the positive experience, I will not hesitate to approach Yeobuild for future services.
Jaspreet Chhabra
Excellent services!
Priya Rai
One of my hob spoilt n we called them n Amos is professional to explain the issue to us n helped us to repair back. Pricing is fair. Good job �!
Desmond Toh
Called them up after seeing positive reviews on their website. My dishwasher was not working, so I thought to give them a try. The mechanic, Yoong came in, took few pictures of the dishwasher and concluded that the heating pump was not working. He quoted a price of $450 to completely dismantle and repair the heating system. So the entire cost would be $530!!Taken back from the absurd price, I called up Bosch, they only quoted $95 (repair AND transport) + $193 (for the heating system).total = $288I was completely taken back by the price difference, so I called up Yeobuild, they said "we are giving you 1 year warranty instead of 3 months". I would much rather have a 3 month warranty than pay $242 for 9 month warranty.Very disappointing service, and YeoBuild does not care about the reviews as my dad told them about the disappointing service, and they said sure you can write a post on Facebook. I ended up wasting $80, very bad service and no respect for customers. FYI, please update your website to indicate $80 is does not include repair.
Avisha Rastogi
Thanks for your prompt service and for fixing my blocked sink!
Marisa Goh
Do not get conned by paying for the $80 to get a quotation. My auto-gate couldn't close properly and the repairman came, took a few pictures/video and then quoted $550 just to repair one of the motor, without even further diagnosing the problem. When asked for a quote to get a replacement motor, they quoted $1200 for one and $2300 for 2 which is way over-priced. Just wasted my $80 getting unrealistic quotations. Sigh!
Leong Seng Ong
Good service now that my oven is perfect I can bake my cakes for my Chinese friend
Hawa Ismail
Great service from the team (Yoong, Amos and Kenny) that fixed my cooker hood. Thumbs up!
Alex Tan
Nora Rahman
Shajan Abraham
Peter gave excellent advice regarding which type of dishwasher to install based on my needs and the kitchen’s limitations. He suggested a freestanding dishwasher which could easily be connected to the pipes used by the washing machine instead of having a built-in dishwasher, which would be much more costly to install, as standard models won’t fit. I’ll definitely use their services again if any repair work etc. is needed.
Kirstine Breum Schou
Marija Maki Pavlovic
Great company with a great facebook page, excellent service & good people to deal with
Eddy Wilkinson
I asked Yeobuild for Hob repair and they send representative for giving me quotation for the same. To get quotation, I am supposed to pay 80$. The representative arrived on time and asked about issue. I explained to the representative that self ignition is faulty. The quotation of 360 SGD per Hob to replace faulty transformer was given to me by Yeobuild. Yeobuild also told me that no one repairs the Transformers and it is better if I replace entire Hob.I was surprised to see such quotation and when I checked with Bosch, I receive quotation for 54 SGD for replacing transformer + 95 SGD for service (including Transport).I asked Yeobuild to clarify such a huge difference in price and the reply from Yeobuild was that they have their on price schedule and it is for customer to decide if they want to engage them or not.I was lucky to check with my friends and OEM.Overall very bad experience.
Swatantra Singh Bhatia
Always does a fantastic job. Very thorough and always approaches the day with a positive attitude. Highly recommended ...
Inoabeauty Inoa
Caterin Jean Ramírez
Nano Browser
Very satisfied repair work for my gas hob. Easy to make appointment. The technician is very friendly and explaind the options to repair clearly. Will recommend to all my friends. GOOD JOB!!!
Jeron Ong
Amos is very knowledgeable and swift in identifying the issue of the appliances and manage to solve all the issues quickly. Always happy to have yeobuild people' support ! Thank you
Susy Young Widyaty
I had a very horrible experience with Yeobuild ��� Totally regretted engaging this company.I engaged Yeobuild to repair my spoilt oven which was not hot. After paying them $330 for a neutralisation job (which the technician Kenny claimed was the source of the problem), I found my timer spoilt within a few hours after the repair. (My timer was in good working condition prior to the repair). I called the company to follow up and the technician Kenny wanted to charge me another $350 to replace the timer. I called up Electrolux service centre to ask for the price of a replacement timer and they quoted only $118. This company overcharge and refuse to admit any liability. Till this very day, my oven is still not usable. In fact it is in a worse off condition than before the repair. And the company refused to refund me a single cent. This is not the way to do business! ��
Lynn Lynn
Clara Nava
Kaitlyn Leigh Bryan
Gideon Heching
Ask help to check the old Hood at home. Good and efficient service. Highly recommended.
Lan Li
Christy Chou
Jaynti Bhimani
Tan Pt
Marvin Dimitri Bacius
nice sevices, thks shop
Nguyễn Hoàng Phong
Chris Birmingham
Berin Daniel S
nice service, thks shop
Nguyễn Phong
Ramakant Singh
Thanks Peter for the repair of the oven. Introduce from Facebook ....
Weng Him
Lopinto Ibarra Laura
Had a good experience with Yeobuild, from customer service agent, Jeradine who promptly arranged for technician, Kenny to assess the faulty heater on same day. Kenny was professional, clear in his explanation and provided sound advice.
June Lim
Antonio Gomez
Haya Afzal
Mr Kenny came over to help repair our wine chiller as it was not functioning well anymore. He was very patient and informative with explaining the problem. I was very impressed with his professionalism as he took only a short while to solve the issue. I will definitely recommend him to anyone that needs help with their appliances.
Sook Chin Chan
Sara Emad
Ai Ling Dandawala
"Fantastic Page" great service, keep up the good work!
Katja Amato
David Fardeau
First time called them up, the customer service and the technician is very nice and sufficient. We signed a 3 years warranty and will watch it out later see how it is going on, though the Repairing fee is much more expensive than we expected.
Sabrina Qian
Kadeka wine chiller stopped working. Called the agent who referred Yeobuild and they called on the same day to arrange appointment. Kenny turned up on time and did a great job. Friendly and informative too. Thanks!
Terence Tan
Excellent service. The display on our wine chiller was fixed in no time.
Gerardo Aldwin Susanto
Mr Kenny came for servising to our Kadeka brand wine chiller which was not cooling at all. He was punctual and very informative. He explained what needed to be done and suggested to join their FB page and review and enjoy 20% discount , which was fantastic! Thank you for the good servising, we'll enjoy our wines coller now👍🏼
Mine Kalan
Fully recommended. Good service
DC Elvis
Erica Meunier
Asmarah Shakil
Jason M. Cameron
Oto Tom
Kenny arrived on time , he does his job just a blink of an eye . Fast, but surely . I'm satisfied for the job well done �
Marilyn Baraceros Rupasinghe
Marijana Olah
Excellent experience with them for my oven. Professional troubleshooting and fixed the problem on the spot within half an hour. 3yr warranty provided.
Yensim Lee
Peter always come on time. He is very professional and nevèr fail to solve our problem.We have use their service for more than a decade.
Cass Low
This is not recommended ,charge me $250 + $50 diagnose fee for oven repair without replacing any parts.Just open the oven and shifted the wire in place within 5 min.Nothing else being done.Not an honest way of business.
GraceToh EP
Thank you Mr Kenny who promptly solve my freezer 's noise problem.
Julie Low
Kadeka wine chiller was not cooling anymore so I called Capital Marketing (distributor in SG). Within half an hour, Yeobuild, who is their service partner for Kadeka called and made an appointment for the the next morning.Their technician, Kenny, arrived punctually the next morning and proceeded with the diagnosis and fault rectification. As the wine chiller was close to the wall, it had to be moved out so there will be access for him to work. It had been siting in the same location for more than a decade, so when we moved the chiller outwards, we could see a lot of dust and grime on the floor where it sat. He asked for a mop and helped to clean up the area before commencing to work on it.He was professional in his approach towards the disgnostic process to localise and rectify the fault; in the process, he explained to me the probable cause and the rectification and the costs involved. After I agreed, he proceeded with to rectify the fault and stayed on until the chiller reached the temperature set.I am extremely pleased with Kenny's professional approach and technical competency and will not hesistate to call Yeobuild again if the need arises.Good job, Yeobuild, you have gained my confidence in your home repair services.
Siew Kuan Chan
Peter arrived on time and diagnosed the problem in under a minute, explained and showed the problem and shared what was needed to be done. He fixed the problem very efficiently whilst keeping the surroundings clean. Once done he took time to answer our other questions. All in all a very friendly, efficient and helpful repair man!
Morgan Heijdemann
Peter gave alternatives to solving our issues with the oven and cooker hood. Very detailed, accommodating and jovial. Great guy!Company's customer service was also prompt in arranging the appointment. Thank you Ann!
Rahayu Rahman
Gladys Han
Great experience with them for my oven. Professional troubleshooting and fixed the problem on the spot with a 3yr warranty.
Raymond Lim
the technician is very experience. He even share with me on going online to get my 20% discount.
Jenny Natasha
Yeobuild was very prompt in arranging a time to come and fix my stove hob. The technician was very helpful and on time and help try and repair the stove on the spot. Hope I can heard good news that the stove hob was fix.
Ada Tang
Dan's Ct
called for diagnostic for my built~in oven issue. Ann arranged for the same day and Peter with his 'apprentice' Dan, came to diagnose it and found the actual cause of my oven. happy with their service and will look for them again should any of my household appliances break down 😉
Jennifer Leo
Responsive and committed service. Given 1 year warranty for the toilet cistern job. Satisfied.
Julie Chew
They are very responsive company.Ann is prompt in her response. Peter is very knowledgeable technician. They come on time and Peter especially helps you be environmently friendly by helping you use your gadgets for longer period. But unfortunately this time around, my fridge and washing machine on which I have spent about $440 already are not working. today would be Peter's 3 rd visit. They do revisit foc in first week. hopefully Peter can help today.
Priti Shah
Prompt and good service, will use yeobuild more ofen.
Muriel Lim
Overall it was a good experience with yeo! �
Ierfan Nur Akid
Eugene 我第一次和他见面他为我休理雪贵。发现他是个老实有责任的好青年,有前途! Very good
Irene Hoon