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Hassle-free Installations With Yeobuild Drilling Service in Singapore

Yeobuild’s drilling service in Singapore offers precision and reliability for all your installation needs. Our experienced team ensures seamless wall-mounting, furniture assembly, and fixture installations, providing hassle-free solutions for your home or office.

Types of Drilling Services Offered in Singapore

HomeRepair Technician Installing a TV Bracket

TV Bracket Installation

Whether it is mounting a TV or speakers, secure installation is crucial. Yeobuild handyman’s drilling service ensures precise holes for mounting, providing stability for your electronics.

framed paintings

Wall Clock, Framed Paintings, and Pictures

Even for decor items like wall clocks and paintings, secure mounting is essential. With Yeobuild handyman’s drilling service, precise holes are drilled to safely hang your decorative pieces, enhancing your space’s aesthetic appeal.

curtains and blinds

Curtains and Blinds

For both privacy and decor, curtains and blinds require sturdy installation. Engaging a professional can help ensure precise holes for curtain rod installation, providing reliable support for your window treatments.

shelf installation

Shelf Installation

Shelves serve both functional and decorative purposes, requiring secure mounting. Leave the hard work to Yeobuild experts. We ensure shelves are securely and firmly mounted, enhancing both storage and aesthetic value in your home.

Drilling Service in Singapore: Expert Tips for Precision and Efficiency

When it comes to drilling holes in your wall, there are numerous reasons you might need to do so. While it may be tempting to tackle the task yourself, we highly recommend seeking professional help when uncertain. Experts can ensure the job is completed correctly and safely, providing peace of mind. Here are some experts tips for your consideration:

appropriate drill bit

Choosing the correct drill bit is important. Different materials like metal, wood, masonry, and concrete require specific bits. Using the wrong one can lead to ineffective drilling and potential damage.

inspection device

Use an inspection device such as a stud finder to detect underlying water pipes, wiring, and cables. This prevents accidents and ensures safe drilling. Proceeding without knowledge of what lies behind the wall can pose serious risks.

match drill bit

Ensure the drill bit size corresponds to the fixing you intend to mount. Each fixing has a unique diameter, necessitating careful selection of the appropriate drill bit size.

maintain drill angle

While seemingly straightforward, maintaining a straight drilling angle can be challenging, especially for beginners. Keeping the drill aligned allows it to function effectively.

prioritize safety

Adhere to essential safety precautions during drilling. Wear protective goggles to shield your eyes from debris and dust. Professional handymen rigorously observe safety protocols to safeguard themselves and their surroundings.

Drilling Service Process in Singapore

Drilling Service Process in Singapore

These are the steps our handyman will take to ensure effective drilling into your walls.

Before starting the drilling, we will carefully select the area on the wall based on the size and type of the object you intend to attach.

We will also prioritise safety by employing a stud finder to detect potential hazards like electrical wiring or pipelines, minimising the risk of accidents.

With a wide array of drill bits available, our experienced professionals meticulously match the drill bit to the specific requirements of your project.

After drilling the necessary holes, our skilled technicians expertly insert rawl plugs into each opening, ensuring a secure and flush fit against the wall surface.

Once the rawl plugs are in place, our technicians will carefully insert screws into the wall, strategically leaving them slightly protruding to facilitate the hanging of your desired object.

Prices for Drilling Service in Singapore

For our drilling services in Singapore at Yeobuild, we ensure transparent and competitive pricing. Here is what you can expect:


Call-Out Charges

30 – 90

Minute repair


Months service warranty

How To Engage Yeobuild Drilling Services



Book Your Appointment

Schedule your appointment through our online booking system. Our customer service team will promptly verify and confirm your booking within the next business day.

If you require urgent same-day services, please call our hotline.



Perform repair services
and make payment

During your appointment, our handyman will efficiently complete the task at hand.

Following the inspection, you will receive an electronic service report, and you can conveniently make payment through cash, check, bank transfer, or PayNow.



Provide Feedback

Afterwards, our customer service team will contact you to gather your feedback.

You may reach out to us for any post-service inquiries. We provide a 3-month service warranty for all repairs carried out by our team.

Why Choose Yeobuild?

Experienced Team of Professionals

Skilled Handyman Experts

Our team of skilled handyman experts boasts years of experience, proficient in tackling an extensive array of tasks, from plumbing works to electrical repairs.

Count on our expertise to consistently deliver outstanding results for all your home maintenance requirements.

High Quality Service

Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality in every project we undertake.

We pay meticulous attention to detail and provide a 3-month warranty, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring your long-term satisfaction and giving you peace of mind.

Competitive Pricing

Transparent Process

At Yeobuild, we believe in transparency. Our pricing is straightforward, and we only proceed with the work after your approval of the final quotation.

Rest assured, we prioritise recommending only the services essential to your needs, never more. Your satisfaction and trust are our top priorities.

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Your technician, Zhuang, is a very good man. We are very happy with his service and attitude. Make sure you don’t lose him.
Making appointment was smooth. Louis was great! He is very knowledgeable of the appliance as well as other similar models. He provided possible alternatives for the issue and in the end came up with the most efficient and cost effective solution. Will definitely use Yeobuild HomeRepair again if I have home appliance/repair needs.
Rokiah Pillay
Rokiah Pillay
Very friendly and professional service. Gave very practical solution/suggestion. I highly recommend them.
Shivani Shrivastava
Shivani Shrivastava
Absolutely happy with the services provided.
Lee Rose
Lee Rose
Well done Service n repair Louis Liew do a good job keep it up
nicholas tan
nicholas tan
Professional services and repairs were completed ahead of time
Rossellini Yap
Rossellini Yap
Thought my fridge was dead but yeobuild managed to send someone over in the same day and solved the issue! Thankfully most of the food did not good to waste. Efficient and excellent service.
andrea chew
andrea chew
Very happy with their service. Read through the recent unhappy reviews not sure why though. Had a very good experience with Yeobuild. Service team is very experience and efficient. Managed to get my dryer up and running on the first visit.

FAQs about Drilling Services in Singapore

When drilling in an HDB flat, residents are required to adhere to specific guidelines to minimise disruption and maintain structural integrity. Generally, drilling is allowed between 9am to 5pm on weekdays to avoid disturbances to neighbours. Additionally, residents must obtain approval from the HDB for any major drilling or renovation works to ensure compliance with building regulations and safety standards.

Leave the hard work to our experts and schedule your appointment today.

Certain walls in a property may contain electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, or structural components that should not be drilled into to avoid damage or safety hazards. Walls that should generally be avoided for drilling include:

  • Walls containing electrical outlets, switches, or light fixtures.
  • Walls near water pipes, drainage lines, or gas lines.
  • Load-bearing walls or walls with structural components indicated in building plans.

Before drilling into any wall, it’s essential to use a stud finder or consult building plans to identify potential hazards and ensure safe drilling practices.

Call us and we can help!

The two main types of drilling commonly used in construction and home improvement projects are:

  • Percussion drilling: Utilises a hammering action to break through hard materials like concrete or rock.
  • Rotary drilling: Involves rotating a drill bit to create holes in softer materials such as wood or plastic.

Our experts at Yeobuild can help you with your drilling needs – Call us now!