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Keeping your wines on a perfect taste and condition is surely a no-brainer.  Some might say that it is easy. Some might say otherwise.  Having a single bottle or 500 of it means that we have to keep our wines properly stored for its excellent quality and taste.  Since not everyone has the luxury of owning a personal cellar or wine chiller at least, we share the top dos and don’ts of wine storage.

Here are 5 of these important facts to follow on knowing how to keep your wine fresh until you uncork and enjoy your next bottle of wine.


1. DO Keep wine chilled.

A warm ambient temperature can make your wine age fast. Fast aging makes the taste of the wine to be spoilt, or go bad. The heat has a lot to do when it comes to the chemical reactions of the wine. During summers, when wines are kept in room temperatures it may result in a pure-alcoholic flavor. Or worst, it may end up to be vinegar. If you don’t have any wine cellars or wine chillers at home, you can always make use of the regular refrigerator’s crisper or the vegetable compartment.  This tip will ensure that your wine will not have a dull flavor.


2. DON’T. Keep your wine inside the fridge for a long time.

We might have mentioned that keeping the wine inside a fridge will protect its flavor. But do you know that you should not store it inside the fridge for more than three months once opened? Yes! A regular fridge is not only too cold for your wine. It also has the potential to dry out the cork in a wine bottle that may result in harmful side effects. A dried cork results in a musty or earthy smell that leaves a big negative impact on the wine’s freshness and taste.


3. DO. Lay your wine flat for storage.

When storing wine, it is better to lay it flat on the surface. this practice keeps the wine’s cork moisturised.  This will ensure that the cork will remain doing its essential job over time.  No shrinkage, which means it maintains a good seal from the outside environment and also keeps a great secured environment inside the glass bottle too! This takes you away from the risk of having a corked or earthy wine.


4. DON’T.  Storing wine upright for a very long time.

Do you know that this “DON’T” is one of the most common mistakes that wine owners commit?  Some groceries or shops commit this as well. When the glass bottle stands upright,  there is no chance for the wine to touch the cork.  As mentioned in the earlier tips, cork moisture is one of the key elements in keeping a fresh and great-tasting wine. Keeping it upright for a short period of time is fine. But make sure that every now and then is that you move the wine to make it touch the cork to ensure freshness.  The cork acts like human skin.  It also needs moisture and hydration to lock in the essential nutrients to escape.


5. DO. Make sure to keep the wine at a constant temperature.

Placing the wine on different storages and temperatures will make it stale and taste bad. So it is a good practice to store a bottle of wine at a constant temperature.  If you have placed it in cold temperature, it should be the case as always.  Never leave a bottle of wine out of a wine chiller, or of a fridge for a long time, then bring it back in once you got the chance to.  Consistency is the key! Just like vibrations, or movements, the temperature can negatively affect your wine’s flavor and soul. We suggest to keep it in constant and mild temperature zones for optimum taste and quality! Making great wines could be also done on your end after the production.


6. DON’T. Keep your wine somewhere that has direct light exposure.

Any type of light emits heat. Heat adds up to the many factors on wine spoilage. We know that having some lightings help you choose your wine properly over a group of drinks.  But we also want to warn you that you should carefully select the type of lighting that you will have for your wine storage. The usual or the average bulbs and lamps inside the house gives the negative effects to wines. This practice also goes with the direct exposure of the glass of wine with the sunlight. The best type of light to be used near wine storage is the LED  light. The LED light gives a mellow light without the temperature emissions.


Once you have followed these simple DOs and DON’Ts list will surely keep your bottles of wine fresh! More glasses of quality wine with very simple things to note for storage. If you are planning to upgrade, well, there are so many places where you can tap in you next wine chiller! If you already have a wine chiller, and not happy with it, there are experts that could send help in keeping your wine chiller in its best performance!