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Our cooker hobs are always the kitchen staple.  We use it for everyday living with our food preparations – cooking, boiling,  frying, grilling and many more. A household will never be complete without the cooker hob. It comes in different types and built.  The market did a lot of innovations just to match your home aesthetics and design. There are some cooker hob manufacturers which makes a wide range of cooker hob options.

The options include ceramic, stainless, glass and even alloy cooker hobs among others. They also differ with the way of operation. Some works with gas, and some works with electricity and fully digital. Keeping up with the cooker hob maintenance and cleanliness is a total challenge to homeowners and house makers. Splatters, oils, grease and burnt residues will surely scratch your head!   We’re here to help! Check out as we share tips on how to make your cooker hob look new! 

1. Lemon Juice and Lemon Peel

Good for ceramic, stainless, glass and even alloy cooker hobs

Cleaning our home the natural way does not only make our environment clean and fresh. It also helps us, the people inside the away from the effects of commercial cleaning products which are made from harmful chemicals.  One of the best solutions is the lemon! A piece of lemon will make your cooker hobs look like new! Just juice out a piece of lemon and store it in a spray bottle.  Use this as your natural cleaner when you are cleaning the cooker hob. Just spray the juice directly and let it sit for 10 minutes until it seeps down with the grease and dirt.   Wipe it clean with a cloth, then finish the cleaning by using the peels to wipe it dry. The peel also keeps it shiny and leaves it to look like brand new! 

2. Newspaper and Baking Soda

Good for stainless and glass cooker hobs

After reading the daily news, it is a good practice to keep them for future use! You can match your cooker hob cleaning practice with the use of newspaper and baking soda. Baking soda brings a lot of wonderful things when it comes to cleaning and home maintenance.  Just dilute a tablespoon of baking soda into a 250 ml of water. Use this as a cleaning agent for your stainless and glass cooker hob.  Spray the nozzle directly to rusts and stains on your cooker hob. Wait for 30 minutes for the chemical reaction to happen between the rusts and stains.  Then wipe it clean using a dry newspaper to take away the impurities.  The gray paper used in a newspaper is made from recycled papers which means it has been soaked in a bleach solution.  Once the paper reacts with the baking soda, it leaves an even better result by making the appliance shiny again. 

3. Warm Water and Vinegar 

Good for ceramic, stainless, glass and even alloy cooker hobs

Some people would say that the vinegar and water solution is a common household cleaning material! But know what,  boiling the solution makes it even better! the heat reaction from boiling makes the acidic molecules from the vinegar even stronger by reacting with the warm hydrogen from water.  Use this as your standard kitchen cleaner as this does not only work for cooker hobs but even with aluminum-finished home furnishings. Just make sure to keep it fresh every day. This means that everytime you decide to use a boiled vinegar and water solution it should always be new for better results. Just spray the solution directly to the cooker hob and wipe it off with a dry cloth.  This does not only maintain your cooker hobs but it also makes it disinfected and sanitised from germs. 

4. Paraffin or Candles

Good for stainless and alloy cooker hobs

Candles or paraffin waxes are made for many different purposes. Medication, relaxation, and even appliance maintenance. You might never know the fact but the candles or paraffin waxes are perfect for polishing our stainless and alloy cooker hobs. Take note properly as this process is a little tricky. If you have a stainless cooker hob, you should use a candle. Scratch your cooker hob using the candle. Make sure to scratch it in a wide coverage for it to cover a good portion of your cooking appliance.  Once you had good coverage, you can now wipe it off with a damp and warm cloth for it to spread out evenly. This practice should be done after cleaning up your cooker hob. 

For alloy cooker hob units, you should use melted paraffin.  Apply the paraffin the same way as discussed with the candling process. The only difference is that make sure to wipe it with a dry cloth.  These processes leave a protective film from water and oil splashes from cooking.  Do this at least once a week. 

5. Damp Warm Towel and Spoon

Good for glass cooker hobs

No matter how careful we are when it comes to cooking, there is always a good probability of sauce spill. This is not only limited to that but also include burnt residue and even oil splatters. The hardest to clean and maintained when it comes to these cooker hob problems is the glass cooker hob. It is quite challenging because some mistakes might lead to a damage to the digital mechanism and even with the glass surface itself.  The best way to maintain a glass cooker hob is by using a damp warm towel. Boil a liter of water and put the towel while it is boiling.  After the towel has been totally soaked, you can use that to cover your glass finished cooker hob. Leave it for 15 minutes and scrape off the burnt residue using a spoon. 

This way you are not damaging the glass by using other acidic chemicals which might affect the tempered glass.  This makes it safer for the computer box for the digital operation. Using a damp warm towel saves you a lot of money when it comes to cooker hob maintenance. 

There might be a lot of different options when it comes to cleaning, always choose to go natural! If the problem is hard to be solved, you can always contact a handy cooker hob maintenance expert to do the job for you!