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Doing DIY projects for one’s home is becoming the new trend. You can see it all over cable TV and on the internet. Not only that it adds unique character to your house, it squeezes your creative juices, and it saves you tons of money! The last one is probably the favorite of most DIY lovers.

But you know what? You can level up your game and enjoy your project even further by creating crafts with your kids.

Yes! You read that right. And to jump-start your weekend activity, here are some of the simplest DIY ideas that can strengthen your bond with your kids.

Kiddie Storage from Old Tin Cans

Don’t throw your old tin cans just yet. You and your kids can do something useful with it. What you need to prepare, apart from your tin cans, are old comics or maybe old gift wrappers (let your kids decide what they want as cover). Glue the cover of their choice onto the tin cans and feel free to add decorations like ribbons or yarn. Now, your kids can easily store their crayons, small trinkets, coins, and even their legos. We’re pretty sure you stepped on it at least once, and it hurt so bad! Thus, creating a simple storage can help you big time.

Paper Flowers

Get old magazines and turn them into beautiful flowers. You can make different styles and ask your kids to do it with you. Put it on a stick and cover it with paint. Perhaps you can get one of your tin can projects and use it as your vase. It is a great decoration anywhere in the house like your bathroom or even kitchen. This DIY idea should be fast and can be done in less than an hour.

Personalized Floor Mat

How about creating your own floor mat? It’s not a problem if you don’t know how to sew. Your old ones can do the trick. Some people use spray paint on rubber door mats to add new colors. This is perfect for your kids because they can go crazy and you don’t have to worry about the outcome.

Popsicle Sticks Photo Frames

The classic Popsicle sticks proved to be very versatile with all the things you can do. One of the DIY ideas you and your kids can enjoy is to make photo frames with it. Just put together few Popsicle sticks with glue and use it as the base. Let your creativity shine by painting it, putting on buttons, beads or whatever cute finds you have at home. Place your photos and viola! You have a unique frame which you and your visitors would love. That’s improving your home in a snap!

Footprint Art

Another fun activity that your kids will adore is to make footprint art. Just take note that this is an outdoor activity because you wouldn’t want to ruin your floors and other furniture with paint. Once a year, let your kids do a ‘stamp’ art using their feet. Frame all of it and see how your kids get bigger every year.

Glittery Miniature Garden

The young ones will love a ‘green’ DIY projects. Why not create a miniature garden using old pots? And to add some whimsical feel, ask your kids to sprinkle some glitters.

There are still hundreds, even thousands of DIY projects for the entire family. Our imaginations are limitless and for free so you don’t have to worry about running out of inspiration. Beautifying one’s home does not necessarily mean getting the most expensive paintings and ornaments. You can make your house more personal and oozing with character with your own DIY crafts with kids.