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An open kitchen concept plan has a good circulation flow with its unenclosed space. The cooking of food in the kitchen and serving it to the dining area are made easy. Likewise, you can effectively oversee any activities in your living and dining areas while cooking in the kitchen.

To make your open concept kitchen more inviting, we would like to share the following design tips that we think can make your kitchen more welcoming, useful, and beautiful:

 1. Construct an island counter

You may build an island counter in between your kitchen and dining area if you have enough space for it. An island counter is handy for preparation and cooking food. In case, it has a second sink; it will make your dishwashing easy too. While doing your stuff in the kitchen island counter, you may converse with your guests in the dining area.

2. Provide enough lighting

Illuminate your open concept kitchen with enough lighting. You may opt for pendants lights above the island kitchen countertop. Pendant LED lights are innovative, energy-saving, and modern. They will indeed escalate the value of your home. Likewise, put a ceiling LED mounted light in the kitchen aisle. It will brighten your kitchen more, and it will become more engaging.

3. Incorporate a beautiful backsplash

Accent your kitchen wall with a beautiful backsplash. Besides, you may also opt for a backsplash that is easy to clean. The backsplash could enhance the look of your kitchen making it attractive. However, you have to degrease and clean the backsplash always.

4. Opt for a white open concept kitchen

An open concept kitchen that has white cabinets, countertop, backsplash, and walls look clean, fresh, and spacious. It may attract attention coming from the living area and making it inviting.

5. Build more storage

Open concept kitchen must be organized as this area is seen as you enter the main door or else your home will end up in chaos. To make it organize you have to build more cabinets and drawers to keep the kitchen utensils and other things away from the countertop. It will become clutter-free, and your kitchen will look neater. You may build a cabinet above the backsplash and below the counter. For more storage, you may also construct cabinets above and below the kitchen island counter.

6. Achieve unity of materials

The finishes of your kitchen including colors and design must be unified with other furniture in your living area and dining area. For example, if you use furniture that is accented with wood, you may integrate it in the kitchen by having a wooden kitchen countertop and cabinets. Likewise, if you use metal in your kitchen, you may have a dining table and chairs made of iron. Unity can make your home pleasant.

Upgrade your open concept kitchen with the above design ideas. They will make your kitchen and your home unique and attractive. Also, your open concept kitchen can enhance your bonding with your family, relatives, and friends.