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At Yeobuild HomeRepair, we repair all kinds of cooker hobs! We have cooker hob technicians who are trained to stove repair service on any hob problems. Our quotations are upfront and are issued with no hidden charges! Great service that most of our customers highly recommend!

chimney hood


A Chimney hood is a kitchen appliance that is mounted above the stove. While cooking, the hood provides ventilation for your kitchen and clears the air of unpleasant cooking aromas and bothersome smoke. Chimney hood reduces the steam, grease, and other particles. Generally, hood collects Cooking fumes from the air and either it routes it outside or recirculates back into the room. The main purpose of this equipment is to eliminate dangerous particles from the kitchen while you cook in order to offer optimum ventilation.

canopy hood


Canopy Hood or others might call it extractor hood is a made to fit into decorative canopy, chimney breast, and wall units, among other things. It’s simply just the extractor and light components from a standard cooker hood, rather than being a whole appliance. They are attached to the underside of a cabinet, canopy, or other similar structure and blend in with the rest of the kitchen. It’s ideal for individuals who don’t want a cooker hood that clashes with their kitchen’s design motif.

kitchen island


Two things to remember about Kitchen Island Hood. It’s large and expensive. Its mechanics are built purposely to cater large kitchens and areas. Thus, you can commonly see it in restaurants, hotels, and large houses. Despite their size, these units can be quite appealing, with some even having built-in lighting to add some ambience to your kitchen once the cooking is done.

External ventilation and air re-circulation types are available on several of these kitchen island hob extractors. If there is no way to pump the air outside through a chimney system from the cooker hood, air re-circulation is used.

integrated hood


Integrated cooker hoods, like canopy hoods, blend in with the rest of your kitchen. However, between two existing wall units in your kitchen, these sorts of cooker hoods demand their own area. The front of the integrated hood unit is then fitted with a door to mix it in with the rest of the kitchen. The door then allows you to pull open the unit, allowing for the capture and treatment of escaping air and odors. Depending on your choices, these types of cooker hoods can use an extraction system or a re-circulation system.

downdraft hood


Downdraft Hood is the most unique among the other hoods. Hoods are usually built above the hob. However, for the downdraft hood, it’s attached on the hob itself providing a simple and unique design to the stove. Typically, this is suitable for someone who does not have room for a large hood or does not like the look of a common hood.

The Top 5 Common Cooker Hood Problems

Poor Airflow

Do you ever feel that your cooker hood or extractor isn’t sucking enough air out of your room? While a brand new hood will tell you whether it’s operating or not, a partial breakdown on a hood that has been working properly for years is improbable.
Your extractor is a reasonably simple equipment that either works or doesn’t. If your extractor isn’t operating, it’s most likely because the motor has failed and needs to be replaced.
It’s often the ventilation that’s keeping the hood from working properly. It’s always a good idea to check the outside of your building to see if air is being sucked through, if your vent is obstructed, or if the slats on the outside have been locked.

Lights Not Working

The lights installed in hoods are one of the most typical problems with the appliance. These can be difficult to alter and appear to break more frequently than ordinary lights, however there are two things to remember while using such lighting:
To begin, these lights are intended to illuminate the cooking surface underneath. They should not be left on for long periods of time or utilized to light the entire room. You’re more likely to blow these lights if you leave them on for longer.

Second, because they aren’t supposed to remain on for lengthy periods of time, these lights may get quite hot (as anyone who has mistakenly touched one will know). This overheating of the bulbs can cause wiring problems and possibly cause them to burn through their housing, crashing down into your stove.

Foul Smell

A little general maintenance goes a long way with any equipment. Your extractor should be removing air from the building, but if you smell something inside, there are a few possibilities.
Dust and oil forming in the primary filter is the most typical cause of extractor hood odors. Most hoods include filters or grates that can be removed and washed; you’d be shocked how much filth and mold can build up if left unattended.

Defective Wiring

While there are a variety of expensive-looking hoods on the market, they’re actually quite basic gadgets. This implies that the wiring and components within are also simple. If you have experience with electrical repairs and there is a problem with the wiring or a specific component, you may want to take care of the problem yourself.

Unnecessary Sound

If the sound appears to be coming from the Drive Motor, there may be an issue with the motor. If the noise becomes excessive, this component cannot be serviced and must be replaced.
Noise could also be a sign of an issue with the Exhaust Fan Motor. This commonly happens when the fan motor bearings have worn out beyond repair. You can try manually moving the motor shaft. This motor should not move because it is fastened in place. If it moves, it will undoubtedly make noise during normal operation. The bearings on the motor cannot be fixed or oiled, and the motor must be replaced.

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Annie Ho
Annie Ho
My home microwave (Turbo Incanto) broke down and initially i was sceptical to call for a home repair service! Thankfully, I found a reliable microwave repair service in Yeobuild. Their technician, Mr Syafiq came down at the appointed day/time and gave sound advice on the job scope after checking my microwave (heating system failed). Initial $60 fee was waived and all-inclusive $190 fee paid for repairs, transport, delivery, installation, spare parts, etc. No hidden charges and fees are transparent as quoted by Mr Syafiq. Job completed in 3 days with Invoice (cash payment) and Job Report emailed to me promptly. Thank you for the excellent service. Highly Recommended.
sandra a
sandra a
I've used yeobuild three times - for my wine fridge, washing machine and oven. All three times, the items were repaired professionally and in a timely manner. No idea if it is good value as I didn't compare prices, but I appreciate the prompt appointments, straightforward price quotes and follow ups. Will continue to use them and recommend to friends.
Jz L
Jz L
UPDATED post follow up: Service team returned call and fixed an appointment readily for next day as promised. Both fans are in good working condition 🙏🏻 Hope that YeoBuild can be impeccable in all aspects going forward, not solely zoomed in just for new accounts. Will return for other repairs and services if need to! Initial appointment was set up fast but received many calls for new slot allocation to fix on 1. Handyman is good and professional, mentioned that for follow up of capacitor replacement, the team will be in touch soon once we make payment for the new units. The ones he has did not fit ours hence the follow up appointment is required. Right after the first trip, email summary and invoice came for follow up. But no one reached out to give status nor make appointment for the expected service for replacement. Its been 2-3 weeks. I called once and they mentioned will check exact and lmk, still no updates so far.
Ilsun Cho
Ilsun Cho
We had Mr Yap, came to repair our oven. He was very competant, effective and professional when repairing our oven. He arrived on time. Give him two thumbs up ! He was just great !