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We all hate kitchen nightmares! The kitchen serves as the heart of a happy household. It is a fact that 45% of the family or household’s time is mostly being spent in the kitchen. It makes a place where most of the precious bonding moments of every family happen. The kitchen keeps a bulk of the appliances and other essential household items. Which often leads to a lot of nightmares you’ll come across inside the house.  These nightmares do not only mean stress and kitchen malfunction. It also means additional costs for repairs and remedies. 

So before the nightmare in the kitchen turns into a disaster, it is better for you to spot and stop them at an early stage.  Do you know that most of the expenses that a family spends on home maintenance go to the kitchen?   So check out as we share the common kitchen nightmares and how to prevent them. 

1. Refrigerator or freezer not cooling

Refrigerators are often described as the family’s nutrition cabinet. This appliance keeps all of our food and makes them preserved for longer shelf life and freshness. This is why once it stops on functioning with its cooling capability it becomes true nightmare. So to prevent this type of kitchen problem, you should always do a deep cleaning with a refrigerator to ensure that it is properly maintained. You should follow the proper steps on cleaning its insides, and most importantly the outside. It is a fact that the most important part to be maintained is the back part where most of the cooling coils are found.  Another brother to these appliances are wine chillers, it might have the same problem in some cases.

As time goes by, the back portion of the fridge becomes an area full of dust. This makes it harder for your appliances to cool up and perform efficiently. It is advisable to clean this part once a month by using a subtle vacuum to keep it away from dusts.

2. Malfunctioning microwave / ovens

The oven serves a lot of good functions for food preparation. This includes thawing frozen food, baking, reheating and even grilling. These functions makes the oven the most handy kitchen appliances that you should invest in. But what would happen if it stopped  doing its duty? Repairing a microwave oven is a true disaster! Because instead of having a more convenient and faster way of heating up your food, you’ll spend a lot of time using the cooker hob instead. 

So to make your microwaves our ovens working properly, you should know how to operate them properly. Do not overload it with food beyond its capacity. Because just like humans,  once these appliances are overloaded, their machines work harder which adds up more load to its normal wear and tear condition. You should also know how to clean it properly to get it away from rusting.

3. Dirty and rusting cooker hobs

Cooker hobs are known to be the kitchen masters. They are the number one appliances being bought by homeowners above anything else. It is a good tough guy to have around the kitchen not until you realise it always get dirty and rusty right after use. This problem among homeowners becomes a total nightmare specially for those who are meticulous when it comes to kitchen cleanliness. So before it freaks you out you should always keep a vinegar and water solution to end this one.  The vinegar is an acidic substance which could eliminate most of the splatters, stains and smells left on the surface of our cooker hobs. Spray it directly to the cooker hobs, and let it sit for 5 minutes then wipe it dry with a paper towel.  This process is applicable to glass and stainless steel cooker hobs.

This then makes the cooker hob not only clean but also sanitises it from any invisible viruses. If you are not into the strong smell of the vinegar, you can use baking instead. All you have to do is to mix a tablespoon of baking soda in a 50 ml water to make a paste. Then apply it to your cooker hob, let it sit for 15 minutes and wipe it dry with a rag. Voila, your glass cooker hob looks good as new. 

4. Stinky and wet rags

We often have our ref handles hanging with rags to dry our hands. Everywhere around the kitchen actually.  We find rags and hand towels all around. Since we have to move a lot, touch a lot, and clean a lot inside our kitchen. It is always nice to have a handy rag to the job. Since they are almost always left out right after usage, they become one of your kitchen nightmares. They are often being stinky due to different reasons. Sometimes the smell makes it harder for us to touch the rag. Or even throw it in on a rag laundry which makes this nightmare worst. 

So to properly manage this kitchen problem, you should know how to segregate your rags according to their usage.  It is always better to keep them dry by sprinkling a pinch of salt and rice. It is good to do this in the places where we usually keep them. These two elements will be absorbing the smell and the moisture of these wet rags.  

5. Clogged drains

Of course, the kitchen is not complete without a working sink drain. After every process or step, we do in the kitchen ends up in the sink. It becomes a total nightmare if it stops working properly.  So to get rid of this, make it a habit to throw in a hot water and baking soda solution into the drain. This practice makes the drain clear from any build-up from grease even up to washed food particles.  It makes the movement of flushings more effectively by the water heater. You can also try flushing soda leftovers in the sink since it is a very acidic compound. It does the job of highly-priced declogging products at a lower price. Sometimes when it seems to be a more difficult problem to resolve and seems complicated, you can call home maintenance experts. They can help you out to solve this problem by plumbing services.

6. Improper ventilation

One of the worst that you could ever imagine inside the kitchen is poor ventilation. This is the source of all suffocation problems inside the kitchen. These problems include the smell which is left out while cooking and even the poor circulation of air which makes the kitchen even warmer.  So to get off from this problem, it is handy to call a home maintenance agency to install proper exhausts and air circulation devices. Having these devices installed will totally eliminate poor ventilation problems. If you don’t have the budget for the exhaust, you can always use some appliances like electric fans to help the air circulate properly.

Placing some indoor plants in the kitchen can also help to purify the air. Place these plants in the corners of your kitchen to make the circulation better. 

There might be a lot of problems that we can encounter in the kitchen but the solutions are even more. You can also download our Home Appliance Troubleshooting Guide to help you get some more of useful tips. Some might require a good price tag, but by being smart and creative you can always find a better alternative. No matter what these nightmares might cause you, nothing should stop you from enjoying your kitchen.