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Let us find out more about some common HDB problems! According to the Housing Development Board (HDB), there are about one million HDB flats and around 7 percent of these are over 40 years into their leases and some of them are around 30 years older.  This statistic shows that the majority of Singaporeans stay in HDB flats, which are old as the tenants.

They live comfortably and seem happy in their flats with the provided amenities such as pocket parks and parking areas, among others. However, with some of the aging HDB flats, the flat owners encounter the following common problems:

1. Strong winds wetting the floors

Flat owners find this as one of the common irritations in HDB flats—strong winds bring the rains inside the flat and wet the floors and even reach under the entry doors. To remedy this problem, they put roller screens that could prevent the rain from entering the windows of the flats that wet the floors. This HDB problem also boils to other problems such as shattered windows and dusty insides. 

2. Narrow corridors

Some HDB owners complain of having narrow corridors. It is of a disadvantage as some of the appliances they like to buy might not fit the passageway. Likewise, it is an irritant to walk in a narrow aisle. Also, it is not ideal for emergency, particularly for those who are using wheelchairs.

3. Uneven or crack flooring or tiles

Most of the HDB floors are finished with concrete cement or ceramic tiles. Unfortunately, some of these floors have cracks or uneven. These defects are quite unpleasant and may bring harm. They need to be fixed by an experienced home technician immediately. The broken tiles must be replaced too.

4. Cracked or slanted walls

Another eyesore in HDB flats is walls that have cracks and slanted. If you notice these problems in your flats, you may report it to HDB. They will fix these defects by filling the cracks and painting it. Slanted walls must be leveled and corrected.

5. Clogged toilet and leaks

Some flats have clogged toilet drains. Probably, there are some debris or cement from the construction that falls into the pipes. Some also complain of cracked toilet bowls. There are also leaking pipes that probably not sealed properly. To keep you more convenient, it is advisable that you call a reliable plumber to repair these plumbing problems in your HDB flat.

6. Dysfunctional electrical sockets

Some electrical sockets may not work or rusty. In this case, you may report it to HDB to fix the problem right away.

7. Laundry issue

In HDB flat, you need to dry your laundry using a quite long wooden stick, which is quite heavy particularly if you put your laundry on it. It is quite dangerous to put your laundry out using this stick and difficult too. You need to have strong arms to do this.

The Building Research Institute, the research unit of the HDB and its engineering department are looking for ways to resolve these issues and improve their HDB structure. In this way, it will ensure the safety of HDB flats and improve the quality of life of the tenants.