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Maintaining the shape of the home is not just about its physical attributes.  Sometimes we tend to forget about the components we don’t see especially the electrical circuits and configurations of the house.  HDB flats older than 15 years are those the ones who need utmost attention regarding its electrical configuration. Homeowners should put electrical problems on their priority because this type of house problem can be scary. Common electrical problems don’t just pose a threat to damaging our appliances at home.  It also poses a risk to human life and properties. 

Energy Market Authority (EMA) stated that sometimes unknown and common electrical problems can also be a cause of high electricity bills. With this article, you will be able to learn about the common electrical problems you should know about! Read the full article and start pointing out and resolving these electrical problems!

1. Loose outlet plug

One of the most common electrical problems at home is about having loose outlet plug. You can say that you have a loose outlet plug if you happen to plug something and it falls right back out.  This might not be that harmless but very damaging to some appliances which need a stable connection with electricity. A sudden cut of electricity might be causing to some central processing units of appliances such as microwave, desktop computers, televisions,  refrigerators, and others. This type of problem at home is the one that is always taken for granted since it is not that harmful.  In the long run, it surely will be. Before the problem gets to worse, you should call electrical problem professionals to have it resolved immediately. 

2. Flickering Lights

If you tried replacing your light bulbs at home, but still there are no improvements, the problem could be more serious than just the used up light fixture itself. It could be caused by some electrical problems on the light circuit which could affect not only the lights but also some other appliances as well. This could be the case if you happen to observe that some lightings on appliances are not properly working too.  For example, the light of the refrigerator works improperly when the lights on the house are turned on.  You can also see check this problem with the microwave oven. If you have observed that the microwave oven’s light is not properly working while being used, it is the time to call out experts to check the light circuits at home.

3. Electrical Circuit Trips

Have you ever experienced having your circuit breaker tripping even if you know that there are no electrical problems at home? Have you ever tried having this experience more often lately? This type of electrical problem lands a common ground for those homes which are not having updates with their electrical circuits yet.  The cause of the electrical circuit trips could be traced to the wattage usage. Electrical circuit trips if it cannot handle the wattage that you require. The best solution to this is to upgrade the electrical circuit to meet your demands.  This is the reason why electrical circuits should be inspected by an electrician for them to properly guide you. They’ll also help you determine the electrical circuit can handle your energy needs. 

4. Warm Switches and Outlets

Sometimes we experience to feel warm switches and outlets at home. This electrical problem is one to watch out for.  It serves common hazards to households.  Once you experienced to have warm electrical switches and plugs, never use them anymore.  The same case should be done to appliances with hot wires and sockets.  Warming of electrical circuits and plugs indicate that it needs immediate replacement. This means that the circuit has reached its capacity and needs an upgrade.  If the house wiring is built with aluminum material, a regular check of an electrician is surely required to ensure electrical safety at home. 

5. Rusty Service Panel

If you have noticed that your house’s electrical panel is rusting, this rings a bell about a serious electrical problem.  The deterioration of the electrical service panel will be causing more problems with the wiring inside it. These factors will surely add up a lot of electric consumption, thus causing a higher electrical bill.  This could wear out the whole electrical service since the service panel is the main starting point of the house’s power supply.  Homes that are older than 25 years should be having an updated service panel immediately.  We tend to say that rusting is normal to some things at home, but a rusty service panel should never be taken for granted. We have to ensure that the source of energy is working properly to ensure that all powers are running on its optimum level. 

For sure, we want to avoid serious problems by solving them immediately. The best answer is not to fix it yourself, especially if you are not experienced to do so.  There are some experienced electrical professionals to help you do the job.  Why would you risk your safety if there are some people to help you out?