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Keeping our lovely pets at home, makes the whole home vibe refreshing. All our furry friends and any other types of pets surely add joy to every fur moms and fur dads out there. Having them inside the house is the game changer. It is truly a delight, but sometimes, it runs like a full-time job.

Having our pets inside the household puts us into a place where it is nearly becoming a fur kingdom! It also comes with the stench of their urine, the stains, the bad odour and many more. All of these consequences are the things we have to face once we live with our pets. But need not to worry, since we are here to share some cleaning tips for pet owners! 

1. Sofa and Bedding Furs

We surely love to have a seat, and recline to our sofa and beds! So as with our pets. Sometimes our best cuddling and petting moments happen along these household pieces of furniture. As days go by it has always been the problem that you are either choking or inhaling the furs of our pets. These furs are the ones shed and left on our house fixtures. The best technique to use is the duct tape or lint roller. It is very easy! All you have to do is run over your lint roller onto the sofa.  And this will totally collect all of the sheddings that our pets had. If you are looking for a more powerful alternative, you can also us the duct tape or any other industrial tapes you have at home.

This is very helpful if you have cloth covered fixtures. The duct tape has stronger sticking power than a regular lint roller. But also take note, that duct tape is not advisable for leather sofa and fixtures as it may cause some damage into its natural shine and beauty!

2. Funky smelling carpets and rags

Some animals, especially dogs and cats, mark their territory by urinating into their places. The carpets and rags are the usual victims of this wrongdoing. We can actually deodorise these items using one of the all-around best home remedies. It is white vinegar. It can remove the pesky smell of almost everything from animal traces.  It has good ability on deodourising odour. All you have to do is to fill a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water. Aim your nozzle to all of the stains, but make sure you are not soaking it. Then, let the area dry. You’ll be amazed at how well the vinegar soaks up any lingering smells! this is very good if you have a cotton carpet or rag. It does not only deodorise, but also disinfects.

But using vinegar should also go with cautiousness. Sometimes, it leaves traces, so before going full on, try to test it with an inconspicuous area prior to spraying it all over. If it leaves traces then don’t do it. 

3. Dirty and stained pet beds

Most of the times, our pet beds are the ones we usually take for granted when cleaning. Do you know that this should be your number one concern when you have pets at home? These are the usual pieces which becomes a good breeding ground for household bacteria and viruses. First, it should be an essential to buy pet beds which comes with a removable cover. This makes the pet bed easier to be cleaned, and more convenient to be sanitised.  While soap and detergents are the number one thing that comes into our minds when it comes to cleaning the beds, it is never enough. The brand should come with an anti-bacterial formula. And on some other cases, you’ll need to sprinkle it with baking soda!

Baking soda is a  very good agent when it comes to sanitation and disinfection.  All you have to do is to sprinkle a good amount of baking soda into the beds, and let it rest for 30 minutes to one hour. After that period, you can remove the baking soda by running over a vacuum cleaner. Utmost caution and attention is needed since some pets might be intoxicated due to an allergic reaction.

4. Dirty foot marks

Looking at tiny footmarks left by our pets might be cute at times. But if this happens all the time,  it becomes a very strenuous task by following these steps and cleaning them right away. The prevention to this problem is very simple. Stop the dirt and trap them right at the door.  Dogs, especially, tend to track in ungodly amounts of mud and dirt when they come in the door after being outside. Rather than spending hours of your time scrubbing dirt from your floors, keep a towel and a shallow container of water by the door! Just drench the towel into the water to keep it damp. Once our pets, passes through it, it automatically cleans their paws up.

By following this way, the pets are cleaned as soon as they walk in front of the door. If this is not effective, you can train your dogs to wait into your door for their paws to be wiped clean.

5. Furniture scratches

One of our pet’s bad habits includes scratching. This happen when our pets are frustrated or being hyperactive. They would rather scratch our home fixtures than to express themselves by barking or crying. Most of the damaged furniture by animal scratches are table feet, sofa’s low areas and even walls. Once scratched, we can’t do anything as it has already been done. We can lighten these scratch marks by rubbing a candle into these marks. This will heal some furniture like wood and even cotton surfaces.  If our walls are scratched, the best remedy would be repainting it. Check out some more of this into our cleaning hacks.

One of the best preventive measures to this scratching problem is by giving them chew toys and fur balls. This will divert all of their attention into the toys instead of destroying some household most precious items.

6. Pet feeder spills

We love to feed our pets! Of course we all do, but the problem comes when they have a lot to spill with their feeder. Though there are some spill-proof pet feeders, his job becomes tough if we have special formulas and feeds for our pets. It has an unusual smell, bad stains and even pieces which are hard to pick up.  To get away with this problem you can add a rubber mat underneath each pet feeder to keep it away from moving, causing spills. This will also serve as a very nice placemat which could help you cleanup spills in a very convenient way.  It is like a pick and go scenario which could help you not only save on food by lessening the spills, but also save you a lot of time with cleaning.

7. Bad odour around the house

No matter how often we clean up our pets, sometimes the bad odour left by pets are the hardest to remove. Right now, there are so many special products to stay away from this problem. But do you know that there more economic and safer remedies to this? Rather than using chemicals, the answer is using citrus fruit peelings. Citrus fruits have a special enzyme that deodorises and neutralises the air?  You can just collect all citrus peelings into a wide-mouthed vase and display this into the central places in the house. Just like the living room, into the center of the dining table and even on window panes and doorsteps. Sometimes the furs and smell even get into your air conditioning units and pollute them.

Citrus fruit peels are not only economical, they are also convenient because you can use it as a nice way on how to keep pets away from certain areas in the house. They don’t like the citrus smell, so it will prevent them from coming to places where you don’t want the pets to stay.