The Deepavali or the Diwali Festival is dubbed as one of the most well-known Hindu celebrations in the world. Known to be the festival of lights, it is a celebration praising Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity among the Hindus. It also marks the start of the financial year. Celebrating Deepavali sure is exciting, but this year’s pandemic has caused quite a stir in how we celebrate festivals. Fret not, you could still celebrate Deepavali at home! We have curated several ways in which you can still enjoy the holidays at the comforts of your houses.

Make your own sweets

deepavali food

One of the ways on how you can celebrate Deepavali at home is by making your sweets. While there are already commercially available sweets on the market such as Rava Kheer and Barfi, why not take this as a fun way to engage with your family instead? By utilizing only natural ingredients such as coconut, milk, and nuts, you can prepare the best sweets according to your liking. You wouldn’t even have to worry about the artificiality of the sweets because you yourself already made them.

Ensure a sound home for the holidays

clean house deepavali

Maintaining a sound home should also be your priority when preparing for Deepavali. Cleaning your home could serve as a cleansing ritual, ensuring that your home is ready for the arrival of the goddess Lakshmi. Hindus believe that the house should be spotlessly clean so that it would be fit for the entry of the goddess to their homes.

A sound home also includes appliances that are working in perfect conditions. If you have damaged appliances, you should let an expert do the appliance repairs. Or since it is the beginning of a financial year, why not purchase new appliances along the way? This way, you will have a sound home throughout the year.

Make Rangoli

rangoli celebrate deepavali at home

If you are to celebrate Deepavali at home, you can try making a Rangoli at home. A Rangoli is an art form where you would create patterns and designs on the floor using various materials such as colored sand, colored rice, or quartz powder. Rangolis come in all sorts of designs and patterns, so you will not run out of any ideas on what to make! When making a Rangoli, we suggest that you create one using natural products such as rice flour, spices, and other produce. This way, you can minimize the use of artificial products that can be detrimental to the overall atmosphere of your home.

Bring in more lights

bring in more lights celebrate deepavali at home

Because Deepavali is the festival of lights, never forget to illuminate every portion of your home. Make it a fun activity for the family to decorate your house with lights. For the lights, always ensure that they are lit up well, with their connections secured to avoid any short circuit or whatnot. Should there be any broken light system, you should have electrical repairs already before the day comes to avoid any hassle.

Play games with the family

Celebrate Deepavali at Home

When you’re stuck inside your houses, you can still have fun by engaging you and your family members in various games. You can let the kids light up as many diyas as they can within a matter of seconds. You could also illustrate paper pictures of Lakshmi Ganesh and paste them around the house, then the kids will look for them.

Moreover, you may even play games online! Since the pandemic started, almost all things went online. So why not play games online as well? Prepare an online game and play with friends and family as if you are close to each other.

Celebrate with friends and relatives via video call

Celebrate Deepavali at Home

Celebrating Deepavali sure is fun when you are around the people you truly love. But this year, you may not be able to meet some of your friends and family members due to the pandemic. Well, why not still get together in a totally unique and modern way? Even though you live far away from your friends and family, video calling them can make it seem that you are still celebrating the festivities together.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, these are simple yet very effective ways on how to celebrate Deepavali at home. By doing these, you are sure to not enjoy the festivities, but bond with your family as well. We wish you a prosperous and bright Deepavali. Let each diya that you light bring you a glow of happiness and enlighten your soul. Enjoy the holidays!