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Once in a while, you need to change few things in your home. This will allow you to have a fresher perspective on things. Plus, it feels that you are moving to a new house, which is of course, very exciting. But what if you are working on a budget? Can you still breathe new life into your old HDB flat? The answer is a BIG YES! There are practical ways to change the look and feel of your home. Some of these can be found in this post.

Are you ready for some upgrades

Beautify Your Walls

If you are not allowed to paint your HDB flat, you can still find ways to improve your walls. For example, hang interesting paintings or even a massive mirror. Another idea is to mix different frames and place all your family memories.

Add Indoor Plants

It’s also a good idea to bring the outdoors inside your home. You can make a small garden and add real plants. Complete it by adding decorative stones and you are good to go. If you must know, indoor plants do not only improve your house aesthetically, it also has a lot of health benefits. Plants can filter the air that you breathe and can even lessen your stress levels.  

Create DIY Projects

We also recommend that you make DIY crafts for your HDB Flat. Doing it unleashes your creativity and displaying your projects add character to your home. You can even make few projects with your kids to bond with them. By doing so, you are releasing a positive aura to your environment.

Move Your Things

To have that feeling that you are moving to a new home, why don’t you rearrange your furniture? Move your sofas, your beds, even your cabinets. This can be a little bit tiring but definitely rewarding at the end.

Organize Your Stuff

Maybe it’s time to clean up and organize your things. Try to see which ones you can donate and the things you can still use and repurpose. If you can, have a garage sale so you can earn from your pre- loved items. And before we forget, we’re pretty sure you have a lot of documents under your bed or somewhere in your cabinet. Check which ones you need to still keep and just throw the others. You would be surprised how much space it consumes.

Don’t Forget Your Floor

Now that you know how to improve your walls, and that you know how to arrange your furniture, let us not forget the floor. Perhaps you can buy a nice carpet or bean bags. You can even throw some pillows to have a cozier feel. This will instantly make your flat magazine-worthy.

After you are done improving your HDB flat, cook some great dishes and pour a glass of wine. Relax at your sofa or watch some great movies. Share the positive vibes to your home and you would definitely see and feel the difference.