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Only a week from now, the Deepavali Festival will be celebrated here in the country.  We have recently shared tips on how to prepare for the celebration!  If you missed it, you may visit it along with this link:  (Insert link).  Now, as we move nearer and nearer to the celebration, let us now find ways on how to enjoy the celebration not only inside our houses. But also in the city along with the whole Hindu community! 

Deepavali, or also known as Diwali is the festival of light and serves as a thanksgiving celebration. A lot of food and a lot of gatherings happen during this event. Some traditions are still even done up to this date. These traditions and customs include: 

  • Lighting up the house and surroundings with Diya, or traditional oil lamps. 
  • Decorating the house with rangolis using colored powder. 
  • Reciting the puja or aarthi prayers.  

With these being said, let us now explore ways on how to enjoy the celebration! 

Inside the house

1. Start it with lights, music and sounds.

Deepavali Dinner

Since the celebration is about thanksgiving, it pays a lot to play cheerful music on the radio, and play live videos of the Deepavali celebration on the television.  Light is mainly the most important element during these Deepavali days! So make sure that all light systems are working, and your oil lamps or diyas are ready! Though this day is meant for feast and happiness, make sure that you follow certain rules with the noise for you not to disturb neighbors.

2. Prepare your bathtubs and baths

Deepavali Clean Bath

Since one part of the old Deepavali, Hindu tradition is bathing in oil, make sure that the baths are properly working. Up to this date, this custom is still being practiced. Bathing in oil should be done at dawn. This practice is slowly vanishing over time. If you want to preserve this practice, make sure to pass it on with the younger generation by doing it at home. Make sure that before you do this, your bath’s plumbing systems are properly working. Oils will be used as the main bath component. Once there are bathroom problems, it will surely make a mess inside your house. 

Outside the house

Deepavali celebration is one of the most colorful festivities in Singapore. There are so many places you could visit to enjoy this day. There are some communities who are celebrating the festival all over the country.  Now let us explore some places where you can visit and check! Included are some activities to do outside the house as well!

1. Visit Hindu Temples

Deepavali Prayer

There are Hindu temples in Singapore. They named the first temple as  Sri Veeramakaliamman. You can find the temple along Serangoon Road. This temple remains as one of the top attractions during the Deepavali Festival. Be amazed by its wonderful decorations! The call the second temple as the Sri Mariamman Temple. This remains as the site for the annual Fire Walking Festival. Trained participants walk on coals during the celebration. Visiting these temples will surely make the celebration more fun and enjoyable!

2. Shop at the Deepavali Festival Village

Deepavali Bazaar

The Deepavali Festival Village will be standing on the Hastings Road.  This serves as the epitome of Deepavali shopping and has all the manners of great deals for trinkets and unique items of all sorts! The village covers 15,000 square feer and has a lot of stalls. This could also be a great place to experience Hindu-Singaporean cuisines and street foods! This could be a great bonding time with the family and with friends!

3. Visit Little India

Deepavali Show

Little India is one of the commercial places in Singapore to visit to experience the Deepavali Festival in great color. they have amazing light shows,  and many exhibits to keep you amused during your visit! There are also many stalls and bazaars! Some performers are having their shows for a variety of performances mirroring the Hindu religion. 

No matter what way you are celebrating the Deepavali, the most important is to uphold the main reason why it is celebrated. If you are at home you don’t need extravagant feasts or gatherings! What matters most is that you have a well-maintained and comfortable home to have the festival remembered! If you will be outside, make sure to have a good budget to enjoy!