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We are here to share some bathroom hacks with you!

Our bathrooms at home give us a great refuge into our own personal me-time. Being in the bath gives us a lot of comfort and relaxation. All of your personal needs – bath, toilet, make-up, or just a simple alone time, the bathroom is the key. The bathroom takes the second spot on the most commonly used rooms in the household next to the kitchen. Just like any other parts of the house, the bathroom surely needs a lot of our attention. It requires very good attention to details because of its many components.

All you have to do is to check your cupboards, old tools, and even kitchen cooking materials. Next to that is to read this article thoroughly because of all of those might be helpful as we share bathroom hacks you wish you knew sooner.  This will help you surely make life more convenient when it comes to bathroom maintenance.

Shower Head

We all love to have a good warm shower in the morning, and a cold shower at night. And as time goes by, our shower heads just stop functioning properly because of showerhead hole clogging.  This problem might be caused by a lot of different agents. One thing is water crystallisation, and the other one is because of water impurities.  Water, in cured or uncured form, has a natural mineral content, and as we use it in our shower head, it gets into a crystalline state which could block our showerhead holes. And as mentioned, the other one is the impurities. Water is not pure so sometimes these impurities clog our showerhead holes.

All you need is a cup of distilled vinegar and a sandwich bag. Just fill the sandwich bag with the cup of distilled vinegar and tie this around your shower head, soaking it in. Leave the distilled vinegar for three hours and this will dissolve all of the clogs from your shower head.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Next on our bathroom hacks, is the exhaust! Exhaust fans do a lot of bathroom functions. One is to expel and drive away the bad smell from the inside to the outside. The second one is to keep away the humidity to make bathroom mirrors or glasses away from moisture. To get away with this, these are simple bathroom hacks you wish you knew sooner. Instead of removing the entire exhaust fan vent, you can actually use a vacuum cleaner for a thorough cleaning.  The use of vacuum cleaner is more efficient than removing the exhaust fan vent, because the removal might damage the fan itself.  By using a vacuum cleaner, you are using a gentle action by just sucking in the residue, specks of dust and even cab webs in the vent.

If the exhaust fan is screened, you can also use a hair blower to warm it up to give it a kick in its motor.  A bathroom exhaust fan should be cleaned at least once in 3 months for an efficient job. 

Bathroom Glass Panels

Bathroom glass panels are the tiny ones that are commonly forgotten to be cleaned and maintained. Do you even know that the bathroom glass panels should be the number to be given the attention when it comes to glass panel cleaning? These glass panels are the most vulnerable to damage and dirt since they are always exposed to change in temperature, moisture, and even chemicals.  Bathroom glass panels usually are 25% less durable than the ones we have for the main home usage. Since they are always damp and wet, they are more prone to marks, and damages.

The answer to this is the mighty newspaper! This bathroom hack will save you a lot of money. instead of using your usual commercial glass cleaner, you can use water and old newspaper to make your glass panels clean and clear. Just splatter water into the glass (cleaning soap is optional), then wipe it clean with a newspaper. This hack is more efficient than using the squeegee. 

Tile and Tile Grout

Bathroom tiles are for sure always wet, which is the reason why it needs a lot of our attention when it comes to cleaning. they are more prone to molds, and dirt build up since they are always exposed to moisture. Worry no more because all you have to prepare is a baking soda and vinegar and water solution to clean these tiles away. Just check your cupboards and find these items and mix them all in one in a spray bottle. The vinegar is a very good acid to disinfect and neutralise the odor, while the baking soda is a very good bleaching agent to whiten or clean up tile grout impurities. 

The proportion of the element is 1/2 cup of vinegar to 1 cup of water to 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Make sure to dissolve the baking soda so it won’t clog your spray nozzle. To clean tile grout, you have to make sure that the tiles are almost dry or damp. Spray the solution and let it sit for 30 minutes before brushing.  This hack will leave you in awe since it is a cheaper alternative to commercial tile grout cleaners while leaving the same or sometimes better result. 

Sinks and Baths

Our sinks and baths, no matter what color or build they are still the favorite spots of molds and other decolorising agents in the bathroom.  These two might seem to look that hard to be maintained, all you need are very simple cleaning materials like the baking soda and lemon.  The lemon acts as a natural bleach while the baking soda adds oxidising power to kick up the whitening effect of the lemon. All you need is to create your own baking soda and lemon paste which you can use while scrubbing your sinks and baths in the household bathroom.

The consistency depends on the dirt level of the sink and bath.  In every tablespoon, all you need is a slice of a small to medium sized lemon.  You just have to incorporate the two and use it as your cleaning paste. Apply some of your paste on the impurities, let it sit for 10-15 mins before brushing. 

There are a lot of simple solutions and life hacks you wish you knew better. And most of these are easily tapped just within our home supplies. So next time, before you head out to the grocery and buy those very expensive cleaning materials, check out our blog to find out more of the life hacks to help you make the home maintenance easier and a whole lot more economic!