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All autogate repairs done by us are given 3 months (and above) service warranty.

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With Yeobuild HomeRepair, we can safeguard your privacy and peace of mind by ensuring that your auto gate is in excellent condition to maintain your security.

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What Are the Types of Autogates We Repair

slide gate

Slide gate

Given that they are far more difficult to force open, even with the aid of a vehicle, automatic sliding gates are typically more secure than swing gates. They look far more secure, have a robust structure, and have fewer weak spots than their swing-style rivals, making them a fantastic deterrent. Sliding gates are the greatest choice if the floor is elevated inside the property because they may be as broad as 15 meters, making them incredibly space-efficient. Given their availability for all commercial circumstances, automatic sliding gates may be the most preferred choice among enterprises and organizations in Singapore.

Cantilever gate

While they don’t move over rails, cantilever sliding gates function similarly to sliding gates. To allow the weight of the gate to be suspended off the ground, they are instead weighted on one slide. Cantilever gates are frequently utilized in industrial settings because of this configuration, which enables their usage on bigger openings.

Swing gate

There are four basic categories of swing gates: welded mesh gates, balustrade gates, palisade gates, and ornate automatic swing gates. But custom designs can also be created. Swing gates are a fantastic choice for establishments like parks and stately mansions who want their gates to be both functional and aesthetically beautiful. There are high security swing gates available that can be automated or controlled remotely. To serve as a deterrent, they can also be built with additional elements like barbed wire and electric pulses.
vertical lift

Vertical Lift Gate

The Vertical Lift Gate is perfect for any environment with limited space and is offered in a variety of openings. This gate is appropriate for major traffic areas like airports, ports, transportation hubs, and docks as well as high-security settings like jails and detention centers.
vertical pivot

Vertical Pivot Lift Gate

A vertical pivot gate is a security gate that you can raise and lower using a hinge system to open and close. Once it’s opened, the gate will rotate up to let cars enter or leave your property. By adding a controller and/or a safety device to your security gate system, the gate can be automatically closed.

Bi-folding Gate

Due to how quickly they open and close, bi-folding gates are frequently referred to as speed gates. They are particularly helpful for institutions that can only grant access for a short period of time as well as locations with heavy ongoing vehicular traffic, such banks, schools, and employee parking lots. Bi-folding gates can also be aesthetically styled, making it feasible to add the organization’s logo to them or just paint them in complementary hues.
barrier arm

Barrier Arm Gate

Barrier Gates function as an access control system for many years. The barrier gate is a fantastic option for parking garages since it has articulating arms (arms with a bend) for low overhead clearance applications. Parking lots and garages frequently employ barrier gate operators.

The Most Common Autogate Problems

Loud noises or sound screeches

When opening and closing, an automatic gate occasionally makes a lot of noise. It may have a variety of causes that aren’t always immediately obvious. The worn-out mechanism that moves the gates is typically to blame for the noise. By disassembling the mechanism and reassembling it, or by having a new part installed, you can resolve the issue with the automatic gate.

Remote Control Problems

Another frequent issue with automatic gates is a broken remote control. If you want to ensure that the remote control will be able to open and close your electric gate without any problems, you must keep it in good working order. The remote control’s batteries typically start to lose power. You should retry after checking and replacing the batteries. The only solution is to replace the remote if the issue cannot be resolved.

Track Obstructions

It is advised that you manually examine your automatic gate’s performance if the opening and shutting motions are not smooth. When the gate opens and closes, it should move smoothly. If it jerks or becomes stuck, your track is worn. To solve this issue, you should work with a reputable automated gate repair provider.

Sensor Problems

Automatic gates are convenient and simple to use. When using your gate, the automatic function makes it easy to operate quickly. Manufacturers mount optical sensors or motion detectors on the edges of the gate to ensure seamless operation. The gate opens or closes in response to the sensors. The areas where these sensors are housed may eventually draw pests who establish their nests. Your gate loses its automatic functionality if the sensors are blocked because the trigger system is inoperable. A gate technician is knowledgeable about where to find the sensors and how to eradicate the vermin problem. The gate expert can also provide you advice on how to keep pests out of the sensor ports in the future.

Stuck in manual mode

Autogates occasionally get caught in the manual mode and do not open and close on their own. Both the remote’s batteries and the gate’s opening mechanism could be defective. It is advised that you investigate both of these issues to determine the cause of the gate’s manual mode malfunction.

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Annie Ho
Annie Ho
My home microwave (Turbo Incanto) broke down and initially i was sceptical to call for a home repair service! Thankfully, I found a reliable microwave repair service in Yeobuild. Their technician, Mr Syafiq came down at the appointed day/time and gave sound advice on the job scope after checking my microwave (heating system failed). Initial $60 fee was waived and all-inclusive $190 fee paid for repairs, transport, delivery, installation, spare parts, etc. No hidden charges and fees are transparent as quoted by Mr Syafiq. Job completed in 3 days with Invoice (cash payment) and Job Report emailed to me promptly. Thank you for the excellent service. Highly Recommended.
sandra a
sandra a
I've used yeobuild three times - for my wine fridge, washing machine and oven. All three times, the items were repaired professionally and in a timely manner. No idea if it is good value as I didn't compare prices, but I appreciate the prompt appointments, straightforward price quotes and follow ups. Will continue to use them and recommend to friends.
Jz L
Jz L
UPDATED post follow up: Service team returned call and fixed an appointment readily for next day as promised. Both fans are in good working condition 🙏🏻 Hope that YeoBuild can be impeccable in all aspects going forward, not solely zoomed in just for new accounts. Will return for other repairs and services if need to! Initial appointment was set up fast but received many calls for new slot allocation to fix on 1. Handyman is good and professional, mentioned that for follow up of capacitor replacement, the team will be in touch soon once we make payment for the new units. The ones he has did not fit ours hence the follow up appointment is required. Right after the first trip, email summary and invoice came for follow up. But no one reached out to give status nor make appointment for the expected service for replacement. Its been 2-3 weeks. I called once and they mentioned will check exact and lmk, still no updates so far.
Ilsun Cho
Ilsun Cho
We had Mr Yap, came to repair our oven. He was very competant, effective and professional when repairing our oven. He arrived on time. Give him two thumbs up ! He was just great !

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