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Running our homes with efficient energy consumption and reliable appliances make life wonderful and more convenient. They surely add up the spice with our everyday tasks and duties. Most of these appliances belong to the kitchen, and next to it is our living room. Some perform with the aid of heat, especially in the kitchen. These appliances include over, cooker hobs and toasters.

One of the most common problems that homeowners face is their upward shoot with their electric consumptions. It is not the people who need to be blamed all the time. Sometimes, we can point our fingers to appliances as well. Energy experts say that most of the appliances which use a generous amount of electricity are those who need temperature generation for its function. So to be clear, these are appliances like the oven, cooker hobs, refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters and more.

1. Air conditioners and heaters

As we all know, living in a well cooled, or heated house makes our lives comfortable. But before turning on your air conditioner today, you should also take note that these appliances make up 25% of your monthly bill. All air conditioners use the same operation. That is why it is helpful for you to properly schedule when to turn the air conditioners on and off.  On a not too hot evening, you can turn on your AC units for three hours by using the timer. Aid the air cooling with an electric fan. This process will let the temperature spread around the room faster.

And right after 3 hours, when the AC is off, the fan is there to circulate the cool air inside the room.  This habit will let you save around $ 10 on your monthly bill.  You should also install blackout curtains inside your rooms. These curtains will block the heat from the sunlight and will make your air conditioners run efficiently, resulting in a faster cooling operation.

2. Refrigerators, chillers, and freezers

You may have heard that modern refrigerators are optimized with their energy-saving function. A month of the electric bill’s $ 20 could be tracked being used by the refrigerators or freezers. That amount even shoots up depending on the usage. To save up on this electric bill shooting up, there are some various ways to make save up some dollars.  The first is an efficient operation.  You should not open and close the door of the fridge too often. If you open and close the fridge door too often, it makes the fridge machine to work harder on spreading the cool air in the interior. 

The next one to save some electric consumption is by knowing how much is the capacity of your appliance. Overloading the refrigerator makes the cooling mechanism work harder. Thus, making it use more electricity than the usual way it should be. And finally, regular cleaning.  By cleaning the refrigerator regularly, you are able to remove all of the unnecessary content which occupies space and takes up air cooling inside the refrigerator. 

3. Televisions, radios and computer monitors

This group of appliances is called vampire appliances. We are talking about their idle state or the standby mode. It doesn’t matter if you are not using the television, radio or even computer monitors, because it still consumes energy. You can observe that there are standby lights present among these appliances. As long as you can see these lights, you are washing down money down the drain.  This function uses up to $ 10 on your monthly bills. To shove this function off and save some money, you can try using a power-controlled extension cord where you can plug in these devices. 

Do you know that 65% of your electric bill from these appliances is the only portion that you actually use?  And the remaining 35% belongs to the wasted electricity that appliances consume due to inefficiency and wrong practices?

By using such a cord, you can easily totally shut down the appliances with their standby function.  It is also helpful to monitor all of the power sockets all the time to make sure that when not in use, these appliances are not using energy.  

4. Electric Cooker Hobs

While some homes and HBD flats don’t allow the usage of gas cooker hobs, there comes the emergence of electric cooker hobs.  Which allows homeowners a safer way of cooking their home meals and dishes. While being considered as a more efficient cooker when it comes to the nutritional value, it is way more expensive than the conventional gas cookers. It uses an average of $10- $15 in house’s monthly electric bill. This also depends on the frequency of how we cook our foods at home.  We can save energy on the cooker hob is by using the low heat settings when boiling or cooking hard foods.  This makes it more efficient by saving a lot of energy and even makes a good tenderizing process for the meat we cook. 

Another tip to be checked is the usage of flat-bottomed pans and casseroles.  By this, you are able to spread the heat evenly to the pan’s surface which makes the cooking process up to 45% faster. 

5. Flat / Warm Irons

Well-pressed clothing sometimes shows what your character is to some people. That is why a warm iron is very essential in every home.  Apart from being essential, it also adds up to the shooting electric consumption that we do have at home.  It uses the warming mechanism which is a lump eater of electricity. To cut electricity consumption up to $ 10 – $ 15 per month, you can always try a good schedule on when to iron clothes. By following a guided schedule you are able to maximize the heat used by irons, instead of doing them in multiple single times.

You can also try using a fabric conditioner that softens the fabric upon drying. It does not only aid in delivering fresh smelling clothes, but also gives you a soft feel with your laundry.  This results to a lesser time to be used in ironing clothes. 

All of these tips might sound very basic but still adds up to home energy usage efficiency. Just imagine following all of these steps, you can save up to $ 50 on your next month’s electric bill.  All it takes is the patience, and the determination to often check your appliances. You should also become more responsible and intelligent when it comes to operating them. By doing such, instead of using your money in electricity, you can now use it for different things like family leisure, food, and many others. All of these little steps will surely sum up to a big outcome.