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As a homeowner, you have the responsibility for home repairs–including any ailing appliances and systems. Over time, all home appliances break down. When you experience this, you might need to replace them. However, things can get expensive if you do so. In these situations, appliance warranties can only go so far.

What is are Appliance Warranties?

At large, brand manufacturers offer appliance warranty together with their units. This guarantees that their product is near perfect and without defects that would cause it to malfunction. So when your kitchen appliances would break, you have a quick solution. Here are some facts that you should take note:

  • On a new product, the coverage is for a limited time only. Usuallften one year, parts and labor guarantee for most appliances.
  • When a product malfunctions within that warranty period and has factory defects with no sign of physical damage caused by the buyer, the manufacturer is normally obliged to replace the unit in question.
  • It is product-specific.
  • Once the warranty expires, it’s every appliance owner on his own. If your product breaks, either get it repaired or buy a new unit entirely.

How about Home Appliance Insurance?

Manufacturers would sometimes bundle an Extended Appliance Warranty package with their product, which may extend the coverage up to five years. It may vary from the initial appliance warranty or guarantee, as it provides coverage for the repair cost, replacement parts, and sometimes the labour and service call-out charges to a product that becomes defective in the extended warranty period.

But what happens after your appliances’ initial warranty lapses? That’s where Home Appliance Insurance takes up where manufacturers left off. Thus, more homeowners nowadays are going for an extended warranty for their major appliances, gadgets, and devices that they use in their homes. There are many significant reasons for this.

  • It offers protection against unexpected issues, damage, or repairs to domestic appliances.
  • It will cover your major appliances breaking down and can also provide peace of mind. 
  • Some retailers and providers offer policies at relatively affordable prices compared to the enormous cost of one service visit.
  • The coverage period usually offered is from one to five years.

With Home Appliance Insurance, you don’t have to worry about your major appliances breaking down and leaving you with a big hassle for days–all you have to do is contact the insurance provider. They will send a technician or specialist over who could repair or replace your appliance in no time at all.

Be vigilant, though, of any store that shows more care for the policy or service contract than for the appliance. Buy a policy because you recognize the value in the protection it offers, not because they have pushed you into a corner to decide fast.

Wrapping Up

Appliances aren’t built to last forever. Most of them are built well, and some may last a few more years with little to no problems. However, what Home Appliance Insurance brings is nearly always worth the cost compared to the hassle and inconvenience that comes with a worn-down dryer or beat up the fridge.