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op restaurant brands such as McDonald’s, KFC and even down to local famous restaurants such as The Perenakan, and even the smallest street food businesses mostly rely on the quality and taste of the food. The second factor to that is the service efficiency. Of course, the efficiency of the service also relies on appliances and kitchen management. With the tight competition in the food business, it is helpful to stand out! 

All things that keep the restaurant running uses energy. With the appliances, there are so many ways on how to achieve energy efficiency. 

Running a food business, following some ways on how to achieve energy efficiency can help you save a lot of money every single month. These portions of savings will surely quickly add up to a more profitable outcome. Thus, creating a better business that runs efficiently on energy. 

To achieve energy efficiency in restaurants, there are some things that need to be investigated. Let us now go on with this investigation checklist!

1. Check the electricity consumption of each appliance

Do you know that collectively, 75% of the restaurant’s electric bill is used in the kitchen alone?  These types of appliances include cooking and refrigeration appliances. Knowing these types of facts will help you to become more strategic when it comes to the usage of kitchen appliances. Once you have examined the total energy consumption of your kitchen appliances, it will make you aware of some points on when is the best time to use the appliances. This will also help you in setting up a kitchen action plan to achieve overall energy efficiency. By knowing the appliance cycles, you can also set up a good kitchen circulation management which will help your kitchen team to move faster to serve more customers!

2. Replace outdated and old kitchen appliances

Older kitchen appliances are designed for old times. With all of the technological advancements happening around us, it is a good point to replace old and outdated kitchen appliances. Modern appliances are energy star rated which are designed to achieve energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Thus, they are designed to be more efficient in operation while saving a lot of electricity. Modern appliances usually have energy star ratings. In comparison, an old non-energy star oven can use up to 20% more electricity than that of an energy star appliance. Imagine that number? Wouldn’t it add up to a big amount for your energy savings if all kitchen appliances are modern? Appliance maintenance is also a great way to change the game.

3. Manage your refrigeration properly

Keeping all of your kitchen ingredients fresh is a priority in the restaurant business. Keeping these kitchen items in the fridge is the most basic way of keeping ingredients fresh. When it comes to refrigeration, a proper way on how to operate will be a great way to achieve energy efficiency. The best practices include:

  • Monthly defrost schedule with the correct procedure. 
  • Checking the right temperature needed for the stored food. So it is a good practice to group kitchen ingredients according to the temperature they need. 
  • Avoid overcooling. Do you know that an additional 1 degrees celsius is equivalent to an additional 4% of the appliance’s electric consumption? 

With all of these in mind, you should start being a smarter kitchen manager when it comes to refrigeration.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance of appliances

Cleaning and maintenance should not just be done for sanitation purposes. It also talks a lot about achieving energy efficiency and preservation of the appliance. Keeping a fixed maintenance schedule among your appliances will help you prevent further damages that they may have over time. As the old saying says, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Also, remember that a well-maintained appliance uses energy more efficiently. This is applicable to all appliances. That is why it will be more helpful to add a monthly maintenance allowance for your kitchen operation. There are some companies that offer a seamless appliance maintenance that could help you out with this problem. 

5. Start with the mindset of the kitchen staff

Of course, all of the technical things discussed in this blog will not be as effective as they should be if the people inside the kitchen are not into it. As a starter, you should also train your kitchen staff to act smart and wise when it comes to ways how to achieve energy efficiency inside the restaurant. Their initiative to help will complete the method on how to make an efficient kitchen. They could simply start in turning off appliances that are not in use. Or, they could be more efficient when it comes to using the appliances’ perse. There are so many simple things that they can do to help! Just let them know that they should treat their workplace as their second home! 

Ways on how to achieve energy efficiency in the restaurant are easy. It just starts and ends with the proper knowledge, the right tools, and equipment. If all of these facts are being followed, you will surely be surprised by the good long-term effect on the business!