Refrigerators are essential everyday home appliances that seldom fare high on your ‘to-do’ list of maintenance. Fridge repair however, can be expensive, often due to costly replacement parts. The good news is, a little upkeeping saves a lot inconvenience later. Here are five tips to look after your fridge:

⦁ Clean the coils – The condenser coils are among the most inaccessible and forgotten parts of a fridge. Often located below the chassis, or behind the fridge body, they are pushed against the wall and get covered with dust and grime. Once they cannot dissipate the heat freely, the efficiency of fridges suffers. However, you don’t have to clean it all the time. Just pull the fridge out of the corner every 6 months or just snap off the grille at the bottom and give them a wipe down before vacuuming off the stubborn ends. If you’re cleaning them while they’re still attached to the back grille, ensure the fridge is unplugged.

⦁ Keep the temperature in optimum range – Despite instructions within the manual book, users often fail to keep the fridge in proper temperature range. Ideal range is of 3’C to 5’C (37 F to 40 F) for the refrigeration section and 0’C for the freezer unit.

⦁ Keep it well-stocked – It might seem counter-intuitive, but a well-stocked fridge is far less likely to need fridge repair than an empty one. Warm air which streams in as you open the door, acts against the cooling ventilation inside the fridge. When your fridge is full of cool food or drink containers, they tend to absorb the heat, reducing the need for the fridge to overwork.

⦁ Check that the fridge door is sealed properly – As our fridge repair technicians recommend, it is important to ensure that your fridge door seals are always in good condition. This prevents cool air seepage, which reduces wasteful energy consumption of the fridge. The dollar-bill test is the most recommended standard test. Stick $2 dollar bill at the door and close it. If you can slip the bill out easily, the seal is too loose.

⦁ Clean the insides – Residue from spills which we forget to clean, food crumbs, frost or just dirt may take over the general storage space of the fridge. To avoid cumulative damage to the trays and mechanical joints, ensure that you clean up the fridge at least once a year. Merely giving your unit a thorough cleaning occasionally can prevent fridge repair!
Among all home appliances, refrigerators are the heaviest use within a household. With a little inconvenient to maintain your fridge, you can save both cost and time on fridge repair.