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We all know how hobs are very important to us as we do all the cooking here. It can be very inconvenient when we come across issues that would disrupt cooking time. Various types of hobs have numerous features and functions. Knowing what type of hob you have will help you drill down the potential cause of your cooker hob problems.

Let’s take a deep dive with the most common hob problems for a quick preventive remedy:

blue flame from hob


Erratic flames 

Gas hobs emit stable blue flames if functioning properly. If the flames look yellow, uneven, or smaller than usual then this should tell you that there is debris in the gas burner jets.There may be blockage – do not attempt to clean the blockage with any chemicals as you may enlarge the burner holes and worsen the problem.

With proper knowledge, remove the burner assembly and inspect the blockage around the jet and the burner head. Clean these parts thoroughly with water and remove the grime

Gas leak

Having a gas cooker should have a natural gas detector or a carbon monoxide detector that will alert an alarm if gas levels exceed the safety threshold. A slight gas leak is very common but also very dangerous. Take note of the smell of gas, if it’s stronger than normal, expect a gas leak somewhere in the hob. Ensure air circulation before taking action then turn off the gas hob. Do not turn on any lights or light a match near the hob. Take proper precautions, call your local hob maintenance and repair and get the job fixed in no time. Gas problems are usually too dangerous to repair on your own.

person cooking bacon

The cooking plate is not heating up

If one of the cooking plates of your electric hob is not heating up, then it’s a definite problem. The cooking plate element may be faulty. Make sure that the power outlet is on and test the electrical cords. You may need to thoroughly examine any internal wiring for damage that needs replacing. For this type of hob problem, we recommend calling hob repair and maintenance to quickly get your hob in good condition.

person sprinkling ingredient in a pot.

Heating issues with the induction hob

Induction hobs are slightly different from other electric hobs as they transfer heat via magnetism. This enhances the efficiency and makes them safer to use, but this means you are limited to using ferrous pans for it to work.

Moreover, to check if your pan is composed of ferrous material, hold a small magnet to its bottom to see if it sticks. If it does, it will work on an induction hob. If your pan or pot is composed of ferrous material but still doesn’t work then it’s time to call a hob technician to provide the best hob repairs.

Non Adjustable heat

If a burner turns on but you can’t seem to adjust the heat level, then it could be the result of a faulty ignition switch. To determine if its the switch, turn off all switches, unplug the burner and fit it into a different receptacle. Then, turn on the cooker and try adjusting the switch on the burner to see if it works.

Need a quick switch replacement? Call a hob repair and maintenance to do the job for you.

There are a lot more cooker hob problems and issues, and while the list goes on, we highly recommend seeking a professional to check on your hob problems. Emitting gas and erratic fire is the last thing you should deal with. Call for the best appliance repair and maintenance in Singapore – Call Yeobuild HomeRepair