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The introduction of auto gates created a lot of breakthroughs when it comes to both residential and commercial structures. It does not only offer the innovation from technology but also make our lives convenient and more secured! Imagine, you don’t have to get off of your car when you arrive home just to open your auto gates. You don’t have to worry about locking the gate even you are away! Auto gate made all of these great innovations! Lesser worries, lesser leg work for everyone!  

These auto gates are known to withstand the test of nature and years. Yet, just like any other machine or home system, to say the least, auto gates are also prone to damages. These problems might cause more worries to homeowners more than the convenience that auto gates should be serving. Once you experience a problem with your residential or commercial gates, it should be dealt with the soonest time possible! For us to see the things that we could do with these common gate problems, continue reading! Check out the top 5 most common auto gate problems and the best way to fix them! 

1. Loud noises or sound screeches

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Sometimes auto gates are producing noise when it is operating. Well, at times, these noises are too loud to bear with, and this is where the problem starts. A typical sound of operation is not a problem, but when your gate starts to produce a grinding sound, you should immediately take action. Grinding noises is typically caused by a worn-out opening and closing mechanism for your auto gate. This tells you that you need to reassemble the mechanism part or have a new one fitted into the system. Unfortunately, this one is not advisable to be done under DIY. So once you experience this problem, it is always better to call for help from auto gate repair experts

If you try to solve your problems with a WD40 or with an all-purpose lubricant, yes, it might solve the problem. But you should also note that the problem is inside the auto gate mechanism, it is still best to have it checked! 


2. Power Outage

electric fuse

Yes, next to the most common auto gate problems is the power outage. Since auto gates need a continuous power supply, you should deliberately check the power fuses of the mechanism. The power fuse problem can cut out the electric supply that makes your auto gate work. Blown fuses should be replaced immediately for it not to cause other adhering problems. If you have the proper knowledge of electrical work, you can definitely do it yourself. But if you are unsure, it is always better to get a professional. A little mistake with electric fuses could lead to more other serious problems not only with your gate, but also with your home electrical system, and worst with your safety.  

This problem could also be traced with faulty wiring that supplies the electricity. Check it with safety. Once again, we would like to say that with electrical issues, professional help is the best one that we should get. 


3. Remote Control Problems

Sometimes even if our gates are correctly functioning, problems might come to rise with its remote controls. Just like any other small home device the auto gate remote also needs proper care. You should always check the battery or the operational indicator from your auto gate remote to ensure that it is still perfectly working. It is hard to be locked out of your own home because of a simple battery problem from your remote controller. It is always advisable to keep a pair of fresh batteries handy. You can keep them inside your everyday bag, or to your car’s front cabinet compartments. If the light indicator is not powering up even if you change your batteries, then the problem might be because of the remote itself. When this happens, you should contact your gate manufacturer and order a new remote. 

As a precautionary measure, it is always good to keep the battery in a protective sheet casing. A tiny ziplock bag could help you big time in preserving your auto gate remotes! Lifehack!


4. Track Obstructions

Gate Track

Just like old trains, our gates are also running in tracks. If your gate can’t continue towards closing or opening, it might be caused by a track problem. If this happens, you should see to it that your gate tracks are clear from any obstructions such as pebbles, accumulated solid particles, and even some rusting. For you to get off of this problem, you should do track maintenance. You can trace the track with a stick to make sure it is unobstructed. If there are obstructions, you can manually clear it away with air compressors or physically clean the tracks. Sweeping the path regularly could do much help! If your auto gates have rusty tracks, then it is better to wash it off with an all-purpose lubricant to remove the rusts. 


5. Sensor Problems 



Automatic gates usually operate by sensor or function trigger mechanism. If you are experiencing some malfunctions, you should also check the system’s sensors. One of the most common causes of sensor malfunctions are from bugs and insects. Since our auto gates are placed outside, it could also be the best place for some bugs and insects to live in. The appearance of tiny creatures could block the sensor. So for your auto gate to have a seamless operation, you should also do a periodic checking to your sensors by eliminating bugs and insects. Sometimes, it could also be because of the presence of molds and moss. The presence of these green organisms might pose the same threat as bugs living in your auto gates. Clear out these mosses and little green things right away!