We all know that appliances exist to make our lives more convenient. Appliances take away strains from manual work to an easier one. With their introduction, a usual one- hour task can now be done in minutes, thus the introduction of microwaves.

Microwave ovens are very much safe, effective, and highly convenient when it comes to cooking. There have been stories about microwave ovens being dangerous, and we counter that. There are some safety measures we can keep in mind when it comes to microwave oven safety. 



1.Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

It’s always important to know how to properly use your appliance, even if you know exactly what you are doing, directions in the user manual provide recommended operating procedures and safety precautions. For instance, you should not use some microwave ovens when they are empty, you should not heat water or liquids longer than recommended. Always check your microwave oven guide.

microwave oven safety

2. Use microwave-safe containers.

Keep in mind that not all containers are safe for microwave ovens. Some can react negatively especially if its a metal pan or if your container is covered with aluminum foil. It can cause food to cook unevenly and possibly damage the oven. FDA recommends using glass, ceramic, and plastic containers with labels that say microwave safe. By following this rookie tip, you are not only keeping your oven safe. It also ensures that the food you are consuming is not mixed any other chemicals from the heat contact reaction.

3. Check for leakage

Microwave radiation can be a cause for leakage especially if the door hinges, latch or seals are damaged. Looking at your oven carefully to see if any of these are a problem should be part of your maintenance check. We also recommend that you do use your microwave oven if the door doesn’t close firmly or is bent. You can do multiple checks on the parts of the oven.

4. Make sure that it is properly cleaned

As the microwave operates, there are some instances of food splattering out of the containers. These splatters then becomes a leftover food residue. Once you see such things inside the microwave, it is best to clean them rightaway. Don’t wait for these food leftovers to become hard and which will then become difficult to remove. Apart from the cleanliness, it also assures food safety. Some leftovers might cause some bacteria build up which could then lead to food contamination.

If it’s too late for maintenance you can always call your local microwave oven repair services for immediate help. If all else fail, it can be easily replaced with a new one.