Having a microwave oven is such a breeze. It saves us so much time from cooking and reheating meals. While not all appliances have the luxury of time to last long with constant use, it’s important to abide by simple means to prolong your oven’s lifespan. We wrapped up 3 simple ways to make your microwave oven last longer. 


Ensure air circulation

Microwave ovens use radiation to cook food. The microwaves are reflected within the metal interior of an oven where it is absorbed by the food. The microwaves heat food that causes them to vibrate to prep your meal hot. As food cooks, the heat causes the oven to expand, needing outlets to release the air through its vents on the side and top of the microwave oven.The vents allow trapped heat to be released, so the room where your microwave oven sits must have enough clearance for air. Proper airflow ensures efficient operation, otherwise, it may start to malfunction.

Use gentle soap and water cleaning

Microwave ovens are best for heating food, but with constant use, they need cleaning too. Sometimes, certain food tends to splatter within the walls. This causes foul odor and accumulation of bacteria over time and can be hard to clean. You can avoid this immediately by having warm water and mild soap and scrub the interior. With proper care and hygiene, a clean microwave can always prolong its lifespan.

Hire professional microwave oven repair and maintenance


Our home appliances need some checking too. To avoid chances of malfunctions and damages to prolong your microwave oven’s lifespan, hire a microwave oven repair and maintenance service near you. Professional work can always ensure safe usage for you and your family while saving you time.

At Yeobuild HomeRepair, we have the proper resources and the technician to help you inspect and repair your home appliances.