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3 Signs Your Cooker Hob Needs To Be Replaced

You might’ve tried reviving your old cooker hob but with no luck, then maybe it’s finally the time to replace your unit . We wrapped up a few ideas for cooker hob replacement

Burners or hot plates do not heat properly

Whether you have a gas or electric cooker hob, the burner should be working properly. For those using gas, if the flame it produces is no longer blue or sparks from blue to red to yellow, clean the grates and the burner caps, it may be some particles that are causing the flame to slow. If, however, your cooker hob is clean and the flame is still not burning blue then you need some replacing.

For electric cooker hobs, the coils, when turned on high, should turn a bright red. If not, check for rust or other signs of corrosion that could be inhibiting it. Consult your manual to troubleshoot just in case it’s a problem that’s easily solved. Otherwise, a cooker hob replacement may be your next step.


You can smell gas

Take precautions, do not turn on your cooker hob. Gas has a fragrant additive in it, which is your first indication that there is lead somewhere between the gas stand and your cooker hob. Immediately turn off the gas tank. You can open the window and exhaust fan. After that, check the tubing of the gas tank that is connected to the stove, and attach and reattach the regulator and tubes properly. After all the necessary steps, if you still smell gas when you turn on the gas tank, it might either be time to replace the tubes and their attachments, or the stove if the leak is coming from there.

It doesn’t turn on

A cooker hob that doesn’t turn on may have a faulty spark igniter. An easy remedy in this scenario is using a gaslighter. On electric stoves, check the wiring. Any loose wiring is a fire hazard and needs fixing immediately prior to use. Broken wiring, where the wires are severed, needs replacing and may require either a replacement or a new unit. Consult a appliance repair professional for any recommendations 



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