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Maintaining a kitchen is one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to home management. Too many appliances, too many tasks to handle. With Yeobuild HomeRepair, we regularly share home maintenance hacks. Check as we share three of the most effective cooker hood maintenance tips. This will not only keep them clean, but also makes them function well.

Cooker hoods keep your kitchen smelling and feeling fresh after a long day of cooking. Constant usage can lead to a few mishaps with it, like faulty mechanism, motor jam, and the likes. We understand your dilemma, there’s no room for replacing your cooker hood, so we ramped up our top 3 maintenance tips to upkeep your cooker hood.

Cooker Hood

1. Keep the cooker hood metallic grease filter spotless

The metallic grease filter is the front line base for all the splatter. This prevents larger smoke and grease particles from being sucked up into the appliance causing it to clog.Keeping this clean will keep your hood operating finely. Go back to the basics, this can be removed with a press of a button. You may opt to handwash it in warm water and pop a few drops of liquid soap and give it a good swirl. Remember, always pat dry before putting it back on.

2. Regularly replace cooker hood carbon filter

If your cooker hood relies on recirculation rather than extraction to refresh the air you breathe, then it probably has carbon filters. These need to be replaced every three to six months, depending on your cooking habits. If you fry a lot, then they will need to be replaced frequently.


3. Keep the other surfaces of your hood clean

While we talked a lot about internal cleaning, the surface of your cooker head is of equal importance. Grease, steam, and smoke all come in contact with the external parts of your cooker hood. This can create a build-up of contaminants that can get in the way of your cooker hood aesthetic. Regular cleaning of the surfaces is the way to keep it in its pristine condition. A weekly wipe with a cloth and non-abrasive cleaner will do the trick.

Keeping your cooker hood spotless and in its best condition can help you diminish the idea of a cooker hood replacement. Save up for a monthly cooker hood service by a professional to prevent any future damage. 

Yeobuild HomeRepair provides the best cooker hood maintenance and repair to keep your kitchen smelling good all day long. We’re here to assist you, give us a call!